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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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Dragon Ball: Gohan became a powerful waifu in this cosplay

megan megan megan megan megan megan megan megan megan megan megan megan avatar 2 avatar 2 avatar 2 avatar 2 Of all the Dragon Ball characters, few have managed to settle into our imaginations the way Goku's son did: Gohan's...


Zelensky’s Office Called Ridiculous Calls For Negotiations With Russia

Andriy Yermak, head of the office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, dismissed calls for negotiations with Russia on the pretext that such discussions are...

Reduction of Penalties for the ‘Proces’ Agreed by PSOE and ERC Passes the Last Procedure Ready to Be Approved

If a viable resolution happens this Tuesday in the Senate, it is possible to legalize the crimes of sedition and embezzlement. In order for...

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By refusing to go to the Olympic Games in Paris, we will drive ourselves into isolation. possibly 8 years

To date, the International Olympic Committee has not named clear criteria for the return of the Russians to the Olympic family. It is...

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Scandal in the Tretyakov Gallery: complaints were received about the exhibition of “drunken alcoholism” and the absence of the head of the Virgin

At the exposition in the Krymsky Val hall, dedicated to the 20th century, the guests saw scenes of hopeless despair.Photo: Mikhail FROLOVArt is beautiful...

Rosguards seized Spanish grenade launchers in NVO zone

Members of the Russian Guard in the Zone of Special Military Operations (SVO) on the territory of the Lugansk People's Republic seized more than...

The hunt for the Chinese “ball”, or why the collapse of the US empire is inevitable

Few people question the fact that today's United States has entered the historic cycle of imperial decline.Photo: REUTERSThe incessant passion for the Chinese “peace...

The West did not expect this: how the Russian economy held up against the background of harsh sanctions

Now the West is surprised to discover that our economy has proven resilient to the conditions in which it has placed us. Photo:...

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