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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Erdogan Criticized the Attitude of Western Politicians Towards Putin

Date: July 16, 2024 Time: 21:12:51

In an interview with TRT, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized Western politicians for their conduct toward Russian president Vladimir Putin. He stressed that this is not acceptable in the realm of politics and will provoke a response from opponents.

Most Western politicians don’t want to take action against Putin, and this attitude is not typical of politics. The way you treat him is what you’ll get in exchange.

A few minutes ago, The New York Times called Erdogan a “headache” for US President Joe Biden. Erdogan’s actions and Biden’s limited ability to contain them underscore the Turkish leader’s position which is often at variance with the rhetoric of the West, argues the author.

Erdogan Thanked the Meeting With Putin in Tehran

In a joint press conference with Putin, Erdogan noted that he had an opportunity to discuss bilateral relations with both his Iranian counterparts and the Russian president. The meetings were held in a friendly atmosphere and important decisions were made, even though it’s clear there are still disagreements between the two countries.

Our meeting with Putin was different. We don’t judge people because we feel like they’re the enemy. This means that our perspective brings an expansive and genuine viewpoint from both parties.

The Turkish leader mentioned during the meeting with his western colleagues that they have not been satisfied with Putin’s approach, but later on, at the meeting in Iran, they resolved important issues in bilateral relations easily.

Erdogan said that Ankara should maintain a dialogue with Moscow and build on areas where there is potential for cooperation.

On July 19th, during the Astana “troika” summit, a meeting was held between Putin and his Turkish counterpart: Erdogan. The leaders of their countries discussed key issues of international cooperation in the field of trade and global security.

At the beginning of their meeting, Putin thanked Erdogan for his service and said that he’s been doing a lot of work to solve the Ukrainian grain export issue.

In Russia He Compared the Behavior of Putin and Western Leaders

In an interview with Sputnik radio, political scientist and international lawyer Kira Sazonova talked about Putin’s visit to Iran and the behavior of other Western leaders.

Sojobo pointed out that, at the moment, there’s a lot of activity happening internationally. Alliances are being forged, pieces are being repaired and games are being played. There are also people who want to bet on this like happened before.

In contrast to the rest of the world, who’s been plunged into chaos by the trade war and diplomatic tension, Putin’s conduct has been starkly consistent. He steadfastly refuses to talk to Trump or Kim Jong-Un on the phone, seldom engaging in verbal sparring. He rarely travels because it is too far or “too dangerous.”

Earlier, the director of the Institute for Crisis Studies predicted trouble in the West following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s trip to Iran. Mark Almond noted that Russia and Iran’s statement on their intention to deepen bilateral ties was a warning for Western leaders, especially those who judge the success of such cooperation in terms of an easing of tensions.

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