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Friday, December 8, 2023
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iPhone Users Warned About Surveillance

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 03:19:46

Talal Bakri and Tommy Misk, cybersecurity experts from Mysk, have warned iPhone users about surveillance that IT corporation Apple is collecting from their data despite the prohibition of privacy settings for their users according to Gizmodo.

Experiencing a certain sense of privacy? Not sure what apps are tracking your activity? You might want to consider turning off iPhone Analytics. According to this study, the data provided is actually quite shocking.

The App Store sends to the Apple servers detailed information about all user actions in real-time, including everything they type on the screen and what search terms they use. Along with that, they also send out device-related information such as ID numbers, model numbers, and operating system types as well as information about other logged-in devices accessing your account.

With the increasing popularity of apps related to mental health, addiction, sexual orientation, and religion, Facebook is wary about how the collected data could turn out in the future.

Apple also collects data on how, when, and what people use their app. Researchers found that the Stocks app also collected sensitive user data like news reading and stock visits. Apple didn’t comment on the research findings.

A year after the launch of iOS app tracking prevention, more users opted to switch on this feature. This enabled advertisers and service providers to track your activities on iPhone to deliver the right information. The new iOS app tracking prevention feature was introduced in 2020.

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Puck Henry
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