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Date: December 8, 2021 2:41 pm

Before Posting Here Read This :Spoilers What The Are and How To Hide Them, And Good Etiquette

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    What is a Spoiler? A spoiler is something that gives a major plot line away such as a major character being killed, past characters coming back, aliens turning up, or that the butler did it (no matter how old the program or film). Knowing such crucial plot details in advance can often ruin the enjoyment of the program or film, especially when twists are integral to visual experience.
    Also something coming from out of the left field, such as any character need not being a major one unexpectedly gets killed or something that makes you jump or makes you laugh that would ruin it for someone watching it for the first time.

    With regards to film, just because a film has been out a long time (even years), don’t assume everyone has seen it. Only the other week I was discussing buying the Planet of the Apes box set and they said they never seen it and knew nothing about it.
    Never make assumptions that everyone has seen a film.

    So please use the SPOILER tag to hide key plot points.

    1. Enter your new post
    2. Highlight the text that you want to hide
    3. Click on the Insert… button in the editor.
    4. Select the Spoiler option from the drop-down menu.

    This will surround the selected text with the SPOILER tag which hides it when your post is displayed.

    If you don’t have access to the Icon above here’s how to do it manually.
    You can just type [ SPOILER ] before and [/ SPOILER ] after leaving out the spaces.

    Lastly if you see a spoiler, please do not quote it – this just compounds the problem. If you see one and need to comment on it, let the person know that

    What you have posted is a SPOILER.

    This gives the person a chance to edit it and correct their mistake.

    If a spoiler is revealed, infractions will be given.

    Anyone who potentially “spoils” it for others by posting untagged spoilers will receive an infraction and if they do it more than once they will be excluded from this part of the forum.

    There will be no exceptions.

    Note on swearing. There are certain words that are not allowed to be used on the forum, these words have been added to a filter so they cannot be used. If they are they will be stared out e.g. if I tried to post a four letter swear word I would get **** posted. If you use alternate characters, spell it an other way or even use *s in the word, even using *s all but one of the letters it will be classed as you are trying to circumvent the filter. This is not allowed.
    If you wish to indicate a swear word it is best to use the icon :censored: found in the [More] section of the smileys.
    Also please dont llink video clips that have swearing in them, we dont allow it in print on site or in a video.

    Thank you for your time reading these notes, and please abide by them.:smashin:

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