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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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1 million rubles are demanded from Philip Kirkorov through the court for “demonic” dances on the cross

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 15:51:52

19 volumes of complaints were written against Philip Kirkorov for desecrating a cross during a concert


Nine months after the scandalous number of the song “Mary Magdalene” during Philip Kirkorov’s anniversary show in the Kremlin, the singer will still have to answer for his stunt. For desecrating the cross and insulting the feelings of believers, the King of Pop must pay 1 million rubles – on January 31, the corresponding lawsuit was filed with the Tagansky District Court of Moscow.

– At the end of April, speaking at his solo concert, Kirkorov committed an act of mockery of the main Christian value by arranging dances on an overturned cross, – explained the author of the complaint, Mikhail Feodoridi, as he calls himself – a lawyer , analyst and public figure for Essentuki. – All this was accompanied by the appearance of scenery with demonic cups and resembled a ceremony similar to the sacrifice of a cross. And this is not an isolated case. Recently, it has become fashionable to exaggerate Orthodoxy, desecrate shrines, insult priests. Some skateboards in the shape of crosses, others produce T-shirts with the Virgin crossed out: there is an attack directed at our faith, spirituality, culture.

So the public lawyer decided to put an end to these indecencies, organizing, in his own words, a “public flogging” of Philip Kirkorov. At the same time, he does not really expect to recover a million: there is no practice in Russian courts to award such large sums for moral suffering. But it is still possible to punish an artist with a ruble.

– It is necessary to react harshly, so that these people, having lost money and reputation, would think, – Feodoridi reasoned. – We want to create a precedent of moral damage for an act of mockery. Even if we recover 10,000 rubles, using our experience, other believers can also apply to the court. If 10 thousand people file the same lawsuit, it will already be a billion rubles. You can bankrupt Philip Kirkorov! Being disrespectful to others.

Will an orthodox activist get that many followers? Not excluded. After all, he claims that 19 volumes of denunciations were written against Philip Bedrosovich from all over the country.

Complaints were written against Philip Kirkorov for 19 volumes. Photo: Mikhail Feodoridi.

Photo: personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

“In addition to a civil lawsuit, I also filed a request with law enforcement agencies demanding that Kirkorov be held criminally responsible for insulting the feelings of believers,” the public figure noted. – And although the police issued a refusal, the other day I went to the department and saw that the material from Kirkorov’s check has 19 volumes. For 99%, these are appeals of citizens from all over Russia to various law enforcement agencies about the fact of the mockery of the cross. At the same time, Kirkorov himself was not even questioned!

Meanwhile, the singer’s lawyers are sure that all the attempts of the activists will not lead to consequences. Then, Alexander Dobrovinsky called the upcoming trial and the million-dollar lawsuit against Philip Kirkorov “a pathetic attempt to impose a ban on his work.”

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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