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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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10 most beautiful Christmas trees in the houses of stars: what Kirkorov, Buzova, Lazarev and Pelageya brag about

Date: February 1, 2023 Time: 05:05:02

Buzova put up a Christmas tree for the first time in her Moscow apartment


The stars have already decorated Christmas trees in their country houses. Some invited the designer, others tried themselves. We have selected 10 of the most stylish and interesting Christmas trees in the houses of artists – you can compare fashion trends with them. We also asked the experts for non-standard tips on how to decorate your home for the holidays.

themed christmas tree

Anastasia Ivleeva gave the decorator a task: a Christmas tree and a New Year’s corner in the house in the style of her favorite cartoon Prostokvashino. All went well! The Christmas tree itself came out in a mixed style: here are modern balls and toys “from the USSR”; it is clear that they are new and not “from a grandmother’s chest”. What year Christmas decorations from the last century are trending: the best option is if they are preserved from the previous generation of the family; If not, you can buy similar ones, they are now being released in response to the high demand. The Prostokvashino theme is supported by flags and figurines with cartoon characters. Nearby are Pechkin’s packages and Uncle Fyodor’s mother’s skis. Themed Christmas trees are a great idea and a trend back in the pandemic.

Elka Ivleeva from Prostokvashino

Photo: Social networks

wishing tree

Sergey Lazarev with his son Nikita and daughter Anya at the homemade wishing tree. The girl has a letter for Santa Claus. And the boxes are ready under the Christmas tree, while they are empty, but on December 31, Santa Claus will leave gifts in them. Decorators offer this option to families with children. The artificial Christmas tree is decorated in two colors, a favorite technique of decorators – monochrome. White and gold balloons, flowers, artificial snow.

Lazarev with children and letters to Santa Claus

Photo: social networks

Christmas tree under the snow

Pelageya and her daughter Taisiya decorated the house together. They have a snow covered tree. White artificial snow should create the feeling of a forest beauty that has just been brought from the forest, covered with snow.

Pelageya’s daughter Tasya also decorated the Christmas tree.

Photo: Social networks

flower fir and berries

Anna Semenovich collected a maximum of decorations on her Christmas tree: there are a lot of cones, golden leaves, berries, flowers. She so richly decorates the fir-tree, following the prompts of astrologers, so that the New Year is profitable. The blue and gold colors will also contribute to this goal.

Semenovich dressed a “rich Christmas tree”

Photo: social networks

royal tree

Philip Kirkorov did not decorate the Christmas tree himself: the decorators did it for him. The Christmas tree stands in the hall of a country house – it is huge, and in this case it is important to distribute the balls evenly, keeping the same gaps between the balls. These massive trees need accents – here they’re spruced up with golden blooms on clothespins.

Kirkorov and his guests at the Christmas tree

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Christmas tree for pregnant women

Olga Orlova decorated herself: simply and tastefully. The singer took into account one important rule: two main colors and no more than two or three auxiliary ones. The singer will soon give birth to a girl, so there are also children’s toys on the Christmas tree of the expectant mother.

Orlova in the Christmas tree at home

Photo: Social networks

import tree

Ksenia Borodina demonstrates the most unusual Christmas tree. The designer did the best he could! There was not a single free space left on the Christmas tree – this trend of filling the tree as much as possible is the imported New Year’s decoration trend. What is not here: soft toys, balls, postcards. Instead of a star, ikebana of berries and flowers.

Decorators decorated the house with Borodina

Photo: social networks

design tree

Olga Buzova in the new apartment put up a Christmas tree, which the designer dressed up for her. Together, spherical, elongated and geometric toys are perfectly combined. On this tree we see some nice soft children’s toys. Sometimes children’s toys are hung to fulfill a cherished desire – to give birth to a child. So you can visualize a variety of wishes in the new year: whoever wants to find a soul mate hangs two paired rings or birds; who dreams of buying a house – a house, etc.

Tree like a Kardashian

Oksana Samoilova and Djigan put up a 4.5 meter high tree. The decorators assembled and decorated the Christmas tree for one day. Oksana chose the decorations herself: a lot of white and gold balls and toys, there are figurines of the symbol of the year: a rabbit, an owl is sitting somewhere on the branches … The task was completed in a serious way: this year the La blogger and businesswoman surpassed Kim Kardashian in terms of the scale of the Christmas tree and the creativity of the New Year’s photo session with the children.

Oksana Samoilova, Dzhigan with children in a comic New Year’s photo session

Photo: Social networks

Originally from the USSR

Natalya Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov dressed up the most touching Christmas tree with the children. As they hung toys and balloons with a family history, something was inherited from their parents, something was made with their own hands. There are balls that were bought together. A great idea is to keep toys from the older generation and buy interesting balls with meaning to create a “Christmas tree story” for your family.

Podolskaya and Presnyakov’s spiritual tree: there are family toys with a story

Photo: Social networks

expert advice

Vera Kincheva, host of the ProUyut program on Channel One:

– I put the Christmas tree on the balcony. I buy a fancy Russian Christmas tree, both fluffy and fragrant. On the balcony he can stand April. A lot of advantages. does not crumble; cats don’t knock over toys, they don’t eat rain. It seems that outside the window there is a piece of forest.

– Without rules. Only your imagination remains – Christmas balls can be hung in the house both on the lamps and on the chest of drawers. It doesn’t have to be in the tree.

– Vegetables and fruits are a great element of decoration. You can dot the tangerines on different surfaces – color accents will create a magical atmosphere. Nearby add thin garlands (battery-operated). Put spruce branches in large vases so that there is a Christmas tree aroma in the apartment.

Astrologer, numerologist Olga Fisenko:

– The Christmas tree is considered a strong conductor of energy – through the top of the fir tree, for this reason it should never be cut.

– If you put a Christmas tree in the center of the apartment, it will bring health to the whole family in 2023. In the east, southeast – financial well-being. The northern location will bring success at work and career growth. In the Southwest, it will add harmony to family relationships. In the West – new acquaintances and profitable connections.

– The symbol of 2023 is the Rabbit – it symbolizes nepotism and ugliness. When decorating a home, a festive table, use natural materials (for example, a linen tablecloth), plants (flowers, live branches of a Christmas tree). Actual Colors: Blue, Blue, White, Grey, Gold.

– Main number of 2023: 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7.

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