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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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2024 US Presidential Candidates: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 00:45:59

Trump has decided to target the White House again. But what he achieved in 2016 is unlikely to be repeated in 2024. Photo: Cristóbal Herrera / EPA / TASS

A characteristic of American political life is that the electoral race never ends here. As soon as the court battles over the last election have subsided, the candidates have already begun to collect money and supporters for a new campaign for the main office in the United States. Although the vote is still more than a year and a half away, the electoral campaign has officially started: and immediately several politicians announced their nomination. Komsomolskaya Pravda studied the baggage of the brightest candidates from “donkeys” and “elephants” (these little animals symbolize the two main parties – the Democrat and the Republican).

Republicans: Even many associates are tired of Trump

The main candidate of the Republicans is known. This is former President Donald Trump, eager for revenge for the “stolen” (according to his supporters) -2020 elections. There was such a precedent in the history of the United States, however, for a long time and only once: at the end of the 19th century, Grover Cleveland managed to become the 22nd president, then he could not be reelected, but after another four years. he returned and sat in the White House from 1893 to 1897.

“KP” spoke with one of the participants at the American conference “Conservative Political Action”, a review of the forces of American nationalists, where Trump was also present.

– I saw it with my own eyes and, of course, the years take their toll. Senile inflexibility of thought, decreased energy – in close contact this is especially striking. In my opinion, Desantis has a much better chance, suggests the interlocutor from KP.

So we’re talking about the conservative’s rising star: 44-year-old Ronald (Ron) DeSantis. Father of three children, marine hero, prosecutor – crime fighter. In the 2010s, he was a member of Congress. And immediately a beautiful gesture: the deputy is entitled to an increased pension, but Desantis said that he refused the benefits. In 2019, he becomes governor of Florida and, to the delight of half of America, he is almost the only one fighting against a liberal agenda like imposing a “transgender transition” on schoolchildren.

That’s right, there are skeletons in this shiny, star-striped closet. “Being a Marine in Iraq” and “being a lawyer at Marine Headquarters in Iraq” (what DeSantis did) are two different things. And in the late 2000s, he worked at the notorious US base at Guantánamo Bay, where prisoners were forced to testify under torture.

Therefore, many are now turning their attention to candidate number three: Nikki (Nimrata) Hailey. The 51-year-old Republican knows how to please everyone. She considers herself a Christian, but she attends Sikh religious masses: her parents immigrated to the United States from the Indian Punjab. In 2012, when the Democrats were on the rise, she spoke out for Hillary Clinton, then “choke” for Trump and even became the US permanent representative to the UN under him. She where she became famous for a phone conversation with Russian pranksters, at their request, agreeing to support the non-existent state of Binomo.

And now, when the right-wing bias is outlined again in the US, Nikki Haley returns to politics. Of course, with harsh criticism of Russia and China. She is compared to former President George W. Bush, who was a “hawk” exclusively on the external front, attacking Iraq, and on the internal front did not interfere with the spread of aggressive liberal values. Then Haley, as a convenient candidate for the elites, can be supported by the mainstream US media, and then her chances will skyrocket.

Finally, the other day, a fourth candidate announced his nomination: Vivek Ramaswami, a complete unknown, 37-year-old founder of a pharmaceutical company and also a native of India. His views on world politics can be understood from the following quote: “China today poses a greater threat to the United States than the USSR ever did. The Chinese make shoes on our feet and phones in our pockets.”

Democrats: There is no alternative to Leonid Ilyich Biden!

Old Joe Biden just announced that he is running for a second term. True, then he will already be 82 years old.


When Brezhnev became General Secretary in 1964, he was considered by many to be a “committed person who did not arrive for a long time.” But everything turned out differently. Perhaps a similar fate awaits Joe Biden, who, by the way, personally knew Leonid Ilyich.

Three years ago, when he was nominated, the Democratic Party thought he could become a “weak and sick” leader, for example, with the help of a relatively young woman, Vice President Kamala Harris. But the old wolf outclassed the little fry. Kamala Harris, who came into office with no serious managerial experience, failed at every project entrusted to her, now ranking hers lower than any vice president in recent US history.

So if the 80-year-old nation’s leader’s health doesn’t deteriorate over the remaining year, he will likely run for a second term. The most interesting thing is who will become his “number two” (in US elections, a presidential candidate runs along with a vice-presidential candidate).

And there may be surprises. The Democratic Party has an ultra-liberal wing, compared to which Biden seems almost like a nationalist puffer jacket. The informal leader of this – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who became the youngest woman in history – a member of Congress. Her agenda is literally “eat the rich, love immigrants, fight global warming.”

There are also less radical candidates, or rather, candidates. Meghan Markle, film actress and wife of British Prince Harry, does not hide her political ambitions. She is Californian, retains US citizenship and participates in Democratic Party conventions. She is of “correct” (from a liberal’s point of view) racial background: her mother is African-American and, according to legend, little Megan began “fighting gender inequality” at the age of 11. years.

There is an alternative to Biden, and a very unexpected one. British Prince Harry’s wife, American Meghan Markle, is increasingly seen at Democratic Party rallies.


But one thing is: political technologies that can promote anyone, especially a loud girl with pretty rhetoric (and vice versa). And quite another: realpolitik. Hole in the border with Mexico and the migratory crisis. The endless hysteria around Ukraine and tens of billions of dollars for the “fight against Russia”, of which even many liberals are tired. Finally, the wave of man-made disasters – the recent derailment of a train with toxic chemicals, which turned part of the state of Ohio into an exclusion zone – has already been dubbed the “American Chernobyl”.

It will be so hard for Biden to get re-elected in that context!


Yaroslav LEVIN, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Americanist:

The electoral campaign promises to be very dirty

– So far – at least in terms of ideas and fresh faces – the favorites are clearly the Republicans. The Democrats are stuck. Age and numerous crises undermine Joe Biden’s qualification. Will the ruling party have an alternative? So far, the old bureaucrat Biden is more likely to outmaneuver assertive but inexperienced competitors again.

In any case, the campaign is going to be loud and dirty, a sign of the times and the growing division in American society.

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