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Friday, March 31, 2023
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44-year-old Lyubov Tolkalina starred topless in the bushes

Date: March 31, 2023 Time: 09:31:57

I love Tolkalina.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Lyubov Tolkalina is the owner of beautiful forms, which she does not get tired of demonstrating on social networks. The artist flew from Russia to Tel Aviv a few days ago. Under the hot Israeli sun, the 44-year-old screen star decided to show everything that nature has generously bestowed on her. Love starred topless, standing in the blooming bougainvillea bushes.

Fans sincerely admired the chiseled figure of the actress. On social networks, Tolkalina has repeatedly shared her beauty secrets. The artist herself said that she does not like to train in gyms, but she enjoys doing yoga at home. Love also likes to run and dance to her favorite music. According to the actress, 15 minutes of any physical activity is enough to feel cheerful. Love doesn’t diet, but she tries not to overeat and only eats when she’s hungry.

The actress posed topless. Photo: social networks.

In addition, Love owes her ideal figure to her sporting past. The actress has the category of candidate for master of sports of Russia in synchronized swimming. At one time, she seriously thought about a sports career, but she won her love for cinema, and in 1999 she graduated from the acting department of VGIK. And in 2001, Tolkalina gave birth to a daughter, Maria, from the director Yegor Konchalovsky, with whom she lived in a civil marriage, and she had to forget about sports altogether.

The artist has repeatedly stood up to attacks from haters and given them a fitting pushback. Posting candid pictures, Lyubov advises spiteful critics to just flip through the photos of him and not waste bile and poison in vain.

– This material can cause the strongest release of negativity through condemnation using rude and stupid words. At the first symptoms, it is recommended to withstand the impulse, not to immediately write the word “why”, close your eyes and quickly wind the tape with your right finger, if you are right-handed, the star joked.

Tolkalina invariably emphasizes that a person can see the same image on the beach or in the pool. Love is sure that people simply show their envy with their negative comments.

“We really live like in a cave! For some reason, this surprisingly annoys subscribers and makes me very happy, ”the artist once admitted.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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