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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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6 books on a healthy relationship with the body

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 07:02:09

We are convinced that spending the summer worrying about your fitness and trapping yourself into dissatisfaction with your own body is absolutely destructive. This collection of self-care books will help you to have the correct perspective of the situation so that the beach season passes without too much stress.

julia tertyshnaya

Many live in a paradigm of “inadequacy.” “You didn’t try hard, so you didn’t pass the exam”; “You are not good enough to please”; “You don’t deserve this.” Familiar? This book will help you change your thinking from not enough to enough. You will take action not because something is wrong with you and urgently needs to be fixed, but because of an inner desire for change. This is another level of motivation where you don’t have to push yourself. With this book, you will listen to yourself, you will begin to pay attention to your needs and you will find the most faithful ally: yourself.

Maria Kardakova

Inside, you’ll find evidence-based advice to help ease your nutritional anxiety, develop a relationship with food, develop healthy eating habits, and create a diet that’s right for you. It is not a fact that by this beach season you will return to the shape of your dreams, but you can achieve much more: be conscious in relation to food and at the same time change your eating style not for a month, but for the whole life. The author Maria Kardakova is a UK registered nutritionist and public health specialist.

Oksana Akhmedova

Running is a great opportunity not only to get in shape, but also to feel confident in yourself, see your abilities and discover new sources of strength in yourself. This is a helpful guide to running and an exciting life story of a strong girl that will inspire change. The book is not only about effective training and competitions, but also about how to learn to treat your body, your desires with respect, how not to ruin your life in pursuit of the ideal.

Signe Darpinian, Wendy Sterling, and Shelley Aggarwal

Food, a source of vital energy and great pleasure, can lead us to shame and remorse. That’s why it’s important to build a healthy relationship with food from an early age. This book will help young people not to become addicted to habits. He talks about how the teenage body changes, debunks diet and junk food myths, and helps prevent eating disorders. And most importantly, he performs excellent prevention on imaginary “deficiencies”.

comet lexi, comet lindsey

How you feel is much more important than how you look. It’s like walking around in beautiful new chaffing shoes: the pain of calluses will erase all the joy of shopping. This book will help you understand that each person is “more than a body”, is a complete person, with their own characteristics, desires and talents. The authors share effective tips that go beyond the traditional and familiar to us body positivity.

anastasia tomilova

Millions of people go on a diet to achieve the desired harmony. Lose weight, and soon gain back the lost kilograms. And then they go back to dieting to lose weight. Only each time the diet becomes more and more difficult, and the lost weight comes back faster. There is a reliable way out of the vicious cycle of dieting, and it is under cover. You will learn how to change the settings in your head so that changing is not painful, but fun. A book by a psychologist and psychotherapist.

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