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Monday, March 27, 2023
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73% of Spaniards fear the economic effects of the war in Ukraine

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 13:10:12

The January barometer prepared by the DYM Institute for La shows that 73.5% of the Spaniards surveyed say they are very or quite concerned about the economic consequences that the Russian invasion of Ukraine may have for Spain. This conflict remains one of the main problems that concern citizens in view of the expected escalation of the war in the spring. The interviews were carried out between January 18 and 20, so the answers are prior to the decision of different European partners and the United States to send tanks.

Specifically, 31.8% of the Spaniards surveyed have admitted to being very concerned about the economic repercussions that the armed conflict is having in Spain, while 41.7% say they are quite concerned. Voters of all parties agree on this perspective, although those who support the PSOE in the last general elections are the ones who show the greatest degree of concern, while the followers of Unidas Podemos are the least, with 63.1%.

Citizens also do not believe that the international response to the conflict has been adequate, since less than half of those surveyed believe that the donations of military material to Ukraine have been sufficient. However, differences are observed depending on the country about which they are asked. The majority of those who voted for the PSOE, the PP or Ciudadanos in the last national elections interpret that the shipments approved by the United States have been adequate, contrary to what was answered by the followers of Vox and United We Can.

On the other hand, only the majority of those who deposited the PSOE or Ciudadanos ballot at the polls believe that the volume sent by Spain has been appropriate. And along the same lines, they think of the supply provided by Europe. Although in all three cases more than 43% of the citizens surveyed have expressed their agreement with the military support sent, although close to a third of each group have not known or have not wanted to value the shipments.

At the international level, the DYM Institute also surveyed the impressions after the occupation of the institutions of Congress. 48.3% of citizens rule out that they could be aware of an event of these characteristics in Spain, while almost a third of them think so (29.7%). PSOE voters are the most convinced that it would not happen, followed by Vox. At the same time that 37% of the followers of UP consider that they could realize an assault on the equivalent institutions.

Citizens see even less feasible that this could happen in Europe, and only 42.8% of those surveyed have answered affirmatively. Although in this case it is the voters of Vox and Unidas Podemos who are most convinced that we will not see an occupation of the institutions in other community countries. On the contrary, only a third of the followers of PP and PSOE think that it would not happen, while Ciudadanos voters are the ones who see it as more feasible.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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