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Friday, September 22, 2023
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8 myths about the sculptural facial massage. talking to a specialist

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Is it true that sculptural facial massage can replace plastic surgery? Hurts? Will the result be noticeable from the first procedure? We understand facts and misconceptions together with an expert.

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Sculptural facial massage is a combination of massage techniques. It has a lifting effect, clarifies the contours of the face, strengthens the muscles. It also activates blood circulation, regeneration processes at the cellular level, eliminates swelling and improves skin tone.

Such a complex result is achieved by combining different types of effects on the skin. These include kneading, stretching, vibration, stroking, light touch, and point manipulation in specific areas.

There are a number of myths about the sculptural facial massage. Let’s find out which of them are just speculation and which have a grain of truth.

It isn’t true. Facial sculpting massage can improve skin tone, strengthen muscles, and improve elasticity. But it doesn’t affect the shape or size of the face in the way that plastic surgery does.

The sculptural massage should be comfortable and relaxing. The procedure performed correctly does not cause pain. If you experience discomfort, it may be due to incorrect technique or excessive pressure on a specific area of ​​the face.

Although some people may notice changes after the first treatment, a series of sessions is usually required to achieve a lasting effect. Gradual strengthening of the muscles and improvement of the skin occur over time.

Self-massage can have a beneficial effect on skin tone and blood circulation. But to achieve a full sculptural result, it is better to contact a professional. He knows the characteristics of his face and can customize the procedure for individual needs.

In fact, the sculptural facial massage is useful at any age. Helps tighten and strengthen muscles, improve blood circulation and stimulate skin cell regeneration. And it can be a preventative measure against age-related changes.

Sculpting massage helps smooth fine lines and improve overall skin tone. But it is not an effective tool for smoothing deep mimic wrinkles. In these situations, injections or other procedures may be required.

In general, such a massage is safe. But some people may experience temporary skin redness or mild discomfort after the procedure. If you have circulatory problems, skin inflammation or other possible contraindications, be sure to consult a specialist first.

The frequency of the sculptural massage is determined by the individual needs of the skin. Usually 2-3 treatments per week are recommended. The massage technique targets the muscles and the deep layers, so it is important to give the skin a rest between sessions.

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