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Monday, June 5, 2023
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85.1% of Spaniards are concerned about the contagion effect of the banking crisis

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 06:48:23

The Spanish have not erased from their memory the ravages caused by the financial crisis of 2008, so the turmoil registered in Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank have set off all the alarms. Up to 85.1% of the population is concerned about the contagion effect that these problems can have to the point of generating a new banking crisis, according to the barometer prepared by the DYM Institute for Information. 38.1% of those surveyed say they are “quite a lot”, while 36.6% are “somewhat worried” and the remaining 20.4% are “a lot”. This feeling is homogeneous throughout the ideological spectrum, although citizens who position themselves on the left are less affected than those on the right, with a difference of ten points in the “much or quite” category.

More than half of the Spaniards consider that the Government is not taking into account the opinions of the companies for the elaboration of its policies, specifically 57.9% of the citizens asked have this opinion. A perspective shared by part of the voters of the parties that form the government coalition. Specifically, 37.4% of the Spaniards who supported the PSOE list in the last general elections demonstrated that the Executive is ignoring the opinions expressed by businessmen, while 36.9% of those who opted for the United Podemos ballot think the same. However, these percentages keep a significant distance from right-wing voters, among whom this option is concentrated around 80% of the opinion.

These impressions have been collected a few days later (March 23 and 24) the negotiating table did not join the signing of the agreement. This was the second disagreement between the Government and businessmen after the ‘sit-in’ in the talks to determine the rise in the Minimum Interprofessional Salary to 1,080 euros. And the total of 1,008 interviews carried out by the DYM Institute reflect that this tension has also been palpable for citizens, after CEOE, CEPYME and ATA have publicly denounced that the sustainability of the pension system is burdened by aizations.

The negotiation of the second part of the pension reform has not been viewed favorably by the The final vote is expected to take place this Thursday in the Congress of Deputies, after Escrivá closes two last agreements with ERC so that add your support. The contribution to 100% of the periods of reduced working hours for childcare and leave for risky pregnancy will be obtained via amendment, as the parliamentary group moved this Tuesday. Therefore, it is expected that the reform will pass its parliamentary process, despite the fact that PP, Vox and Ciudadanos have already expressed their vote against it.

Almost 70% of Spaniards also share the opinion that it is possible to pay the same taxes throughout the Spanish territory, regardless of the autonomous community of residence. This position is widely supported by the voters of the PSOE (73.9%) and Ciudadanos (73.2%), although it is a majority in the entire electorate. The majority of those surveyed also defend that the same taxes should be paid in all the countries of the European Union. However, the proportion of Spaniards who defend this position does not reach half (49.5%). The followers of the Socialist Party are the most supportive of this change (56.7%), followed by Vox (55.3) and Unidas Podemos (53.4%), while PP and Ciudadanos voters expressed more doubts about it. and the percentage barely exceeds 40%.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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