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Saturday, June 10, 2023
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“A black day has come for Alla”: a friend of Pugacheva told how the singer lives in Israel

Date: June 10, 2023 Time: 13:08:17

Alla Pugacheva.


Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia) have been living in Israel since last spring. After leaving Moscow, the comedian is forced to give twice as many concerts in order to somehow get closer to the income that he had in his homeland. Alla Borisovna does not earn anything at all. The singer stopped touring two years ago and went out of corporate parties. The artist, left without income, is rumored to be worried about the family’s financial situation. Apparently, now Pugacheva spends the savings that he saved for many years.

The star’s former stylist, George Rovals, is sure that the artist’s financial situation is not as dire as it seems. A friend of the star shared the details of Alla Borisovna’s life in Israel. Pugacheva and her family settled in the city of Caesarea on the Mediterranean coast. The family of stars is used to living large and not denying themselves anything. So, in Israel, Galkin and Pugacheva are chic in a villa with an area of ​​​​approximately 1000 square meters. Renting such a mansion costs the owner one million 200 thousand rubles a month. At the same time, in Russia, the spouses still have a castle in the village of Gryaz, which also requires considerable maintenance costs. Judging from this, the star family will soon have no savings to maintain the previous standard of living. According to the stylist, for Pugacheva the “rainy day” has come, the very one for which she postponed the long years of her career.

“Alla is a smart woman. When she worked and earned money, she didn’t think, like many of us do, that she would ever live. She always knew that she would live and live. Therefore, she always postponed “for a rainy day.” And how she looked at her in the water. This “rainy day” for her has come. Now she asks for one thing: “You, most importantly, support me!”. And don’t worry about her money: everything is fine there, ”Rovals told MK.

Alla Pugacheva and her family settled in the resort town of Caesarea in Israel. Photo: social networks.

According to a friend of the star, he regularly receives interest from banks on his deposits. The stylist assures that this is a fairly decent amount. And if the income situation becomes completely critical, the 73-year-old Pugacheva can return to the stage at any time and start acting again.

Among the latest impressive expenses of the singer, her acquaintances mention an apartment in Los Angeles, which Pugacheva gave to her grandson Nikita Presnyakov. They say that Alla Borisovna bought the property with her savings. In Los Angeles, Presnyakov Jr. is shooting video clips. Nikita Presnyakov went to live in the United States in October. The movement of Alla Pugacheva’s grandson across the ocean coincided with the beginning of partial mobilization in Russia.

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Puck Henry
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