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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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A box with a piece of dead Princess Diana: Prince Harry made a discouraging confession about his mother

Date: June 7, 2023 Time: 04:09:53

Prince Harry’s memoir is riddled with scandals.


British tabloids continue to sensationalize Prince Harry’s revelations, which appeared in his memoir Spare (“Spare”). Reporters were already begging Harry to stop shocking the public, but no. This time, the Daily Mail shares the Duke of Sussex’s confession about how he kept a box of his late mother Princess Diana’s hair next to her bed on her nightstand. Over time, this box has become a kind of talisman and, quite possibly, it was she who helped Harry and Meghan Markle conceive their first child.

Princess Diana with her sons Harry and William, 1995


Prince Harry described how Meghan, suspecting she was expecting her first child, took two pregnancy tests in the bathroom of the Nottingham country house where they lived in 2018. But she didn’t wait for the results and fell asleep, only to wake up to see evidence on the nightstand, near the box with Princess Diana’s hair.

Right, I thought. “Let’s see what mom can do in this situation,” Harry describes his thoughts at the time.

Soon the Duke and Duchess of Sussex realized that they were expecting a baby.

“Thank you, mother,” the prince said to himself at that moment.

Prince Harry with his wife Meghan in 2018.


On another occasion, the couple received a bright omen of good changes to come to their family when they came to visit May’s Scottish castle. While walking along the seashore, they noticed a group of seals. Harry decided to oblige them and began a serenade. But the seals didn’t react to his song until Meghan Markle joined him. As soon as the actress pressed the verse improvisation, the animals “responded with her own opera.” That’s what Prince Harry called Meghan’s magic.

“She’s really magical,” I thought. “Even the seals know it,” the duke writes.

May Castle in Scotland was bought by Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother, widow of King George VI) in 1952.


After that, Harry undressed and ran to swim in the sea with seals. But here the prince is silent about how happy the animals were with his appearance. However, when the couple returned to the castle, Prince Charles’s chef warned them not to attract the attention of the seals. The coast is teeming with killer whales and luring seals ashore by singing can result in their deaths. But the Sussexes did not heed the “grim” warning, deciding that the roll call with seals on the shore was a good sign.

The fact that they will become parents, Harry informed his father after a wedding in honor of his cousin, Princess Eugenie, and her husband. Prince Charles beamed upon hearing the news that he would become a grandfather for the fourth time.

Meghan and Harry’s first child, Archie, was born in May 2019.

The couple’s first child, Archie, is held by his mother, September 2019.



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