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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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A company lives one night, cemeteries are made of parks: AFU began to recognize appalling losses

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 12:31:02

At Bankovaya, Zelensky’s team has already made attempts to disguise losses


How much longer, a week or a month, will it take before the Ukrainians realize the magnitude of their losses and are horrified by what is happening?

The commander of one of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the call sign “Magyar” posted a video on the Web with a confession that the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artemovsk (Bakhmut) “live one night”, and in one day the Armed Forces of Ukraine lose “one or even two companies.” At the same time, according to him, in a week the Armed Forces of Ukraine remove a whole battalion from the personnel lists. He looks like he’s having trouble with math here. Since there are 4 companies in the battalion, in a week we can talk about half the regiment, if not more.

And in the chats of the relatives of the mobilized Ukrainians, messages of this kind appear, about which they should not be at all happy: “Dear mothers and wives, your sons and husbands have the honor of defending 404! Your military service will begin very soon. Therefore, we will send all the information about the state mobilized here and its needs. Remember that they are fighting for you, for your future and for our entire country. Dying in such a battle is an honor for all people!”

And relatives, especially mothers, really become completely unhappy.

– You’re crazy? They have not yet left the city, and you are already saying that they will die in the battle for Ukraine, one of these relatives reacts, and the other, in a state close to panic, is perplexed. “I also don’t understand why we’re writing about it now. What’s happening? Where are they going?

They still haven’t understood that their sons and husbands go directly to Bandera, “their dad.” “Magyar” clearly explains, although he pursues one goal – to legalize the exit from Artemovsk and try to save the lives of the Armed Forces, which were surrounded.

Reports on the ground are also far from optimistic. In Zhytomyr, a park in the center of the city was approved for the role of a military cemetery. Now it is impossible to walk there, because the whole space is littered with fresh graves with black and yellow flags pinned to them.

In Lviv, people are horrified to see one of the city’s cemeteries, comparing a photo from last year to this year, where a giant square that was empty in 2022 is dotted with these very flags. Also, this is not even the main city cemetery for military burials. The situation is similar in kyiv.

In Kharkov, as reported by local authorities, one of the Kharkov city cemeteries has run out of territory for military burials. Last year, in cemetery No. 18, an entire block was allocated to the military registration and enlistment offices, for 700 places. There are no empty seats at the start of this. And this is just one of the cemeteries. According to reports from Ukraine itself, more than 5,000 military dead are buried in each major city of Nezalezhnaya.

But soon the situation will change. No, the losses will not decrease. In addition, if the Armed Forces of Ukraine try to go on the offensive, in many settlements there will be far more Ukrainians dead in cemeteries than alive in houses and apartments. Only if now all these gigantic burials are immediately conspicuous with a large number of flags on the graves, visible from afar, then these identifying symbols of the burials will disappear.

At Bankovaya, Zelensky’s team has already tried to mask the losses. A large number of dead AFU soldiers are officially considered not killed, but missing, which immediately kills “two birds with one stone” – the amount of irrecoverable losses is reduced, and there is no need to pay compensation to the families of the dead . Earlier, orders were issued by the Office of the President of Ukraine prohibiting photography of the burial places of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but it turned out that this was only a half measure. Now Zelensky is discussing the next option: completely ban flags on graves. But this is only the first step. And the second is to stop unidentified Armed Forces in accessible places. A large number of current graves are now accompanied by a sign: “Temporarily Unidentified Defender of Ukraine”, and even with approximate dates of death. And the authorities of the Square want to bury such “nameless” in the closed territories of cemeteries, where mere mortals have no access. It is possible that they also do it in mass graves. Which, by the sum of the parameters, will drastically reduce the visual image of APU losses.

But, digging hundreds of graves a day for the murdered (and this is still in the most optimistic version), the Ukrainian authorities do not stop conjuring about the next “overcoming”, and the relatives of the mobilized (mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters , wives, who will soon be widowed, etc.) and will be perplexed, “where are they taking them?” and why don’t they write for so long.

They are being taken for recycling, full of holes! It’s time to understand and understand that Zelensky and his team are only interested in them in this capacity.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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