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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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A competitor to Lada Vesta has appeared in Russia. How much does Iran’s Peugeot 207i cost – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 24, 2024 Time: 06:17:01

“The external similarity of the new car with the design of the Peugeot 207, which was successfully sold in Russia in 2006-2011, should not lead to the false conclusion that we have exactly the same car in front of us. The Iranian automaker has modernized power unit, functional content and interior exterior elements. Iranian version of TU5P engine (1.6L 113HP) works in conjunction with automatic transmission. Improved controls, dashboard interface and multimedia system. Consumers familiar with the classic Peugeot 207 will appreciate new seats and a more comfortable steering wheel setup.

In terms of equipment and equipment, the Peugeot 207i fully meets the standards for B-class cars. A reversing camera and rear parking sensors, combined with the compact size of the car, make it easy to drive the hatchback in urban areas, and The benefits of the cruise control feature can be felt on long journeys. There is a multimedia system with a touch screen, climate control and seat heating, as well as other comfort components familiar to consumers of a mid-range car. I would like to focus on a simple layout of toggle switches, buttons and other elements on the panel. . Control of all functions will be intuitive, which will allow drivers not to be distracted from the traffic situation.

Photo: www.khodrobank.com

Based on the similarity of the set of technical characteristics, the Peugeot 207i has been compared with the domestic representative of the B-class – Lada Vesta since its appearance in Russian dealerships. And the scales are in favor of the Iranian hatchback due to a better power unit, the presence of a six-speed automatic transmission and a more capacious configuration.

Another factor where the advantage of the Peugeot 207i is evident is the price. Russians can buy it for less than 1.5 million rubles, and even more profitable offers will surely begin to appear in classifieds. It is already known that dealers offer a discount of up to 420,000 rubles in case of choosing an exchange scheme, obtaining a car loan and comprehensive insurance,” Tuzov said.

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