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Friday, March 1, 2024
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A Donetsk teacher who lost her leg due to shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine received a prosthesis KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 23:33:56

Now he is in the Likhodey Center for Rehabilitation Therapy in the Moscow Region and is taking his first steps. We visit Inna and find out how the rehabilitation is going.

Recall that the tragedy broke out in Donetsk in broad daylight. A Ukrainian shell exploded next to a teacher as she was taking out the trash after the house had been shelled the day before. Doctors from the Republican Trauma Center did everything possible to save the life of a young woman. They succeeded, but her injury was so severe that her leg could not be saved.

Despite what happened, the brave teacher went back to work as soon as she was transferred from intensive care to a regular ward. She asked her husband to bring textbooks and a laptop and started teaching online. “But how else? The children will be knocked unconscious,” she repeated. Her husband Andrey (he is also a teacher) said that he was ready for anything so that his wife could stand on her feet and have a modern prosthesis.

The publication in Rossiyskaya Gazeta caused a great response in the hearts of our readers. People from different parts of the country called the newsroom, made translations to support the family. “RG” employees also contributed. For example, the Ural branch of the newspaper transferred 20 thousand rubles to Inna’s card. And retired Ural teachers collected about 30 thousand for her. They called from Volgograd, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Astrakhan, Krasnoyarsk and other cities. In total, they managed to collect about 300 thousand rubles. It is now an emergency reserve. Inna received an invitation to a rehabilitation course, but she was given a free prosthesis.

The center where Inna had the opportunity to walk is located in the Moscow region, in a picturesque place near Ruza. Here they undergo treatment and rehabilitation, including soldiers-internationalists (initially, the sanatorium was opened for them). Today, residents of the Donbass and new territories who have become victims of Ukrainian terror are being brought here.

Tarasenko was invited to the center along with her husband and 12-year-old son. Always a two-room suite, like in a cozy hotel. She attends classes with a psychologist, massages, swimming pool. But the main thing for her was the possibility of prosthetics.

Of course, while the dream of an ultramodern bionic prosthesis remains a dream. But in the foreseeable future, it is real, although such a “leg” costs about four million rubles. However, according to the technology, the patient must first get used to a conventional prosthesis and start walking. This is also a difficult design. Such a leg, even outwardly, almost does not differ from a healthy one. It bends at the knee, has one foot and at the same time gives the person a feeling of support. The prosthesis is custom molded and took two weeks to make.

I found Inna in a very good mood, a smile never left her face. We are already like a family, all the time in contact.

– Here is my new leg! – Inna with burning eyes proudly demonstrates the prosthesis. – This is my first training prosthesis. All my friends know how important it is to me that I have as healthy a leg as possible. The prosthetist carefully examined the injured and healthy limbs, made measurements, plaster casts. Then there was the editing. Of course, at first I was afraid, I felt insecure. But I followed all the recommendations of the prosthetist. And here I go! What a joy it is to be able to move independently again. I really want to go back to my home school, I know that they are waiting for me there. The academic year has been successfully completed, I am writing reports and preparing for the new one.

She puts the prosthesis on her own, it doesn’t take more than a minute. And now she is walking with a cane. First, with the support of his wife Andrey. Now herself.

– You know, many do not immediately understand that I have no legs. I’m so happy! So I plan to do without a stick, – says Inna.

Work is in full swing in the prosthetics and orthotics workshop. Prostheses have been manufactured here since 1989.

– Inna is a real fighter. And she is doing very well in everything. A person’s attitude is very important. She is incredibly driven and optimistic. Of course, the first steps scare everyone. But we help, – says prosthetist Yury Pogorelov.

For example, in the process of using the prosthesis a “shrinkage” occurs and it can be felt that it is large. The doctor warns: at first this is normal, we will adjust everything. That is why you cannot immediately pick up the prosthesis and run home with it. Yes, Tarasenko is not in a hurry, they enjoy the silence.

– We never thought we would have to get used to silence. After all, houses are constantly bombed. And if there is a pause, some kind of anxiety arises, the spouses admit.

– I want to thank Rossiyskaya Gazeta and its readers from the bottom of my heart for their help and support. I did not expect this. I thought it was my personal pain. But when people started coming to the rescue, I was very touched. I realized that I have no right to give up and give up, because many people who try to help believe in me. I don’t know their names. But in the church she lit candles for his health. And if you are reading “RG” now, I want to say: your desires warm my soul, give strength and help to live. Thank you so much! Inna says.

By his example, he still teaches us all a lesson today: never give up.

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