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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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A draft law on criminal penalties for garbage streamers has been sent to the Government – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: December 6, 2023 Time: 07:34:24

Wild chemical hair color and strange clothes are not so much scary as provocative behavior that goes beyond all imaginable limits. But in your town or in your yard only the neighbors will see that person, while on the Internet there are millions of users. And there, in the vastness of the Internet, those bloggers will be given money and will find a kind of fame.

Therefore, there are enough stories on the Internet that are simply immoral, with violence and perversion. Stories that make you downright sick. And lately there have been more and more videos of this type. It has been debated for several years that something needs to be done about this. On September 20, it became known that United Russia deputy Artem Metelev sent the government several bills that would toughen penalties for trash transmitters. But now it’s about details. He proposes to punish content creators for distributing videos of a crime committed under the Penal Code and the Administrative Code.

It must be admitted that the first videos with trash stories appeared in Russia in 2016. Two young people dedicated themselves to humiliating their viewers in exchange for money: they inflicted wounds on each other at the request of the viewers for a fixed price. There were quite a few spectators: at the moment of maximum attention, the audience of this couple amounted to more than half a million people.

But these trash broadcasts seriously caught the attention of lawyers and journalists four years later, when a certain Stanislav Reshetnyak broadcast live and in the background lay his friend’s body. This seizure was preceded by a tragedy: Reshetnyak forced a naked girl out of her house and onto the street in December. Before that, he sprayed pepper spray in her face, hit her and humiliated her. The public saw it and paid. The same young citizen hit his girlfriend live.

It all ended in a criminal case, as did the “entertainment” of his colleague, who hit an acquaintance during a live party. Doctors later diagnosed him with a severe concussion and damage to his jaw. The scary thing is that almost a million viewers watched the sadist. About the same number of people watched another blogger beat and humiliate his elderly parents for money in front of the viewer.

The author of the current bill, Metelev, proposes to block such videos, that is, to include sites with their demonstration in the registration of domain names that contain and distribute information prohibited in Russia. In his opinion, it is necessary to add a new element and an aggravating circumstance to the legislation: public demonstration in the media or on the Internet.

For such a transmission, the deputy proposed a punishment of up to two years in prison. In addition, courts may block Internet access of violators. They may classify a manifestation of garbage transfer as an aggravating circumstance and sanction it with the prohibition of certain types of activities, he pointed out. Plus a very large fine.

It is known that Roskomnadzor agreed to such a proposal. The legislator himself rightly claims that garbage streamers are a dangerous phenomenon.

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Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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