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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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A family from the Irkutsk region cannot return their daughter even after a court decision KXan 36 Daily News

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 01:38:20

In March 2023, the court returned the rights of the adoptive parents to the Bukhasheevs and ordered the guardianship authorities to transfer the girl to them. However, the court decision was not carried out, partly because the guardianship is trying to prove its case in court, partly because the exact location of the baby is unknown.

RG has been following the fate of the Bukhasheev family since the very day the guardianship officers took the girl from them to hand her over to her biological mother, Anorgul Gaybulaeva, a migrant from Tajikistan. The Bukhasheevs, Mikhail and Marina, repeatedly tried to contact the birth parents and agree on joint custody of the baby, they went through lengthy litigation to finally regain the adoptive parents’ rights to their only daughter.

The girl was taken from Russia by circumventing the law. They cut off her braids, they took off her glasses, because they are looking for her

– Guardianship tried to appeal this decision, but the appeal considered by the Irkutsk Regional Court put an end to this story, – said lawyer Alexei Gordilezha, who represented the interests of the Bukhasheevs. – The court ordered to return the child to the foster home, but, in fact, to the native family of Anechka.

And then the question arose: where is the baby? And it turned out that the guardianship had no answer. But Irina Tolmacheva, who represented the interests of birth parents, a couple of months ago showed public pictures of a “family idyll” – Anyuta, surrounded by numerous brothers and sisters. Apparently, the girl is in Tajikistan. How did she get there she? There is no answer for this question…

– It is obvious that they took her out of Russia by circumventing the law, – notes Alexey Gordilezha. He cut his hair and took off his glasses. After all, the baby has been put on the wanted list.


In the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Irkutsk Region, “RG” was informed that two criminal cases are now being conducted: one on the fact of the negligence of guardianship officials, and the second on the fact of the unknown disappearance of a minor. “The investigators have already established the circumstances of the event, the necessary investigative procedures are being carried out aimed at holding the officials of the guardianship bodies criminally responsible,” the department stressed.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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