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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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A family in the United States interrupted the wedding to marry their daughter for convenience

Date: March 30, 2023 Time: 11:07:37

A true detective drama developed in the United States. The US citizen, whose name was not revealed, planned to get married in Mexico after 9 years of relationship with her boyfriend. She invited her family to the event, Insider writes.

Relatives decided to kidnap the bride, and it was not a wedding joke: the girl was kidnapped and forcibly taken to Yemen to marry another against her will. The entire family of immigrants from the East entered into an agreement, which had its own plans for a fellow tribesman. The Abughanemov family first demanded a $30,000 bride price from her boyfriend, and when the bride tried to intervene, they simply threatened to throw her off the 12th floor of the hotel. Then the father convinced the couple that he was ready to agree to the marriage if the wedding was played in the United States.

However, as soon as the bride returned home, she was locked up, guarded in the form of older brothers and deprived of her phone and social networks. The family then forced the girl to fly through Egypt to Yemen, where another suitor was already waiting for her. The parents appreciated the generosity of the candidate: he was ready to pay half a million dollars for the marriage. To convince her daughter, the father threatened, if she refused, to leave her forever without contact with the outside world, and to kill her ex-fiancée.

On the way to Yemen, the girl tried to escape several times without success, was subjected to violence, death threats from her family and is still in the care of her brothers.

However, the forced marriage still did not take place. The alarm was raised by the fiancé and an unnamed human rights organization, which is now in contact with the kidnapped woman. After studying the details of this story, police detained the father and one of the bride’s brothers, who had recently returned to the United States from Yemen. They now face life in prison for conspiracy to kidnap a person in another country. The lawyer for the detainees explains his act based on traditions and cultural characteristics, and describes the actions of the authorities as interference in private life.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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