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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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A garden city will be built – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 14:05:55

Dominant architectural

“Novokoltsovsky is an excellent interpretation of this system,” says urban planner Elena Pudova. – Firstly, the scale: the area of ​​the district is 620 hectares, which offers a lot of opportunities. Secondly, logistics: despite the fact that this is not the center of Yekaterinburg, it is easily accessible both by car and by public transport (20-30 minutes to historical attractions and 10 minutes to the airport. – Ed.). Thirdly, the business segment: the international exhibition center Yekaterinburg-EXPO and a congress hall where mega exhibitions are held were built here. The complex is a center of attraction not only for residents of the city and the region, but also for the entire country.

According to the expert, Novokoltsovsky is distinguished by its buildings of different heights and thoughtful landscaping. Moreover, the maximum number of floors here is only 18, and not 25-30, as in most new residential complexes in Yekaterinburg. Visually, this gives a feeling of lightness, there is no feeling of a solid wall, a person feels very comfortable in such an environment. In addition, it has a wide “menu”: you can choose an apartment at the very top, with a magnificent panorama, while others prefer to live no higher than the fifth floor. The fact that the developer managed to include objects of different heights in the project with a fairly dense development is a sign of real skill, Elena Pudova is sure.

Families can grow

According to Oleg Morokov, Deputy General Director of Sinara-Development, the first residential building in Novokoltsovsky was commissioned at the end of 2023, the second one will be commissioned at the end of this year. Each one has 400 apartments, and the entire block, which will be fully ready in 2026, has 130 thousand square meters of housing. In total, one million square meters will be built on the site by 2035. For your understanding: this is about 20 thousand apartments with an average area of ​​50 square meters, that is, 20 thousand happy families will move here.

Of course, these families will have children who will need to go to school and kindergarten. How are things going with this in the garden city?

The houses are built on already prepared road and engineering infrastructure. In addition, when working on the plans, the first thing we paid attention to was social facilities and parking.

– Novolkoltsovsky is the largest and most important integrated development area in Yekaterinburg. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the housing is being built on ready-made engineering and road infrastructure. Moreover, when working on the plans, we first of all paid attention to social facilities, flat and multi-level parking lots,” Oleg Morokov emphasises.

There is already a school with a capacity of 550 seats near the construction site; last year, the developer designed his new building for 600 seats and received a positive expert opinion. In the centre of the first block there is a three-storey kindergarten building with 250 seats. Moreover, there is no need to go far: the object is equidistant from all the houses, which is very convenient. In addition to these educational institutions, two kindergartens will be built in Novokoltsovsky, each of which will accommodate 1,500 schoolchildren and 350 preschoolers. There will also be five regular kindergartens with a capacity of 1,650 seats and one school for 1,500 pupils.

street dance

As for the commercial infrastructure, it is built in stylobates: they will house shops, offices, small repair shops, etc. Having settled here, a person will know that in the house next door there is a hairdresser, a dry cleaner around the corner, and right next door you can buy goods.

– Courtyards without cars are comfortable. Moreover, they are not completely closed, but are very smoothly connected to the street. On the one hand, privacy is maintained, and on the other, there is no feeling of being behind a fence,” says Elena Pudova of the advantages of the design.

She was also delighted with the wide pedestrian boulevard: trees were planted in the centre and original benches with mini flower beds were placed. The architect called this phenomenon a street ballet: an ordinary resident of Novokoltsovsky leaves his house, goes to the nearest shop, greets the seller he knows well, then enters a cafe, exchanges a few words with the barista… In other words, he knows all the neighbours, because such people walk down the street, not sit in apartments. In addition, this approach increases the safety of the territory as a whole.

A single monitoring centre that monitors the operation of all utility systems in the area also provides a sense of security. The dispatcher sees: on the screen some node lights up red, which means there is a breakdown, yellow is a signal that needs to be checked, green means everything is normal. The task of the centre is to help prevent possible accidents; residents should have the feeling that everything is working smoothly, as if by itself.

With the campus in your heart

The development of Novokoltsovsky began with the public and business zone: the exhibition pavilions “Ekaterinburg-Expo” and the congress center. Every year, large international exhibitions “Innoprom”, 100+ TechnoBuild and others, concerts of famous artists and massive urban events such as “GlavYolki” are held here, which are attended by tens of thousands of people. In other words, this is an attraction point not only for Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region, but for the whole of Russia.

But of course, the heart of the area is the Ural Federal University campus. The first phase of 250 thousand square meters was built in just two years. It includes five dormitories, a medical and community center, and a training ground with athletics tracks. A unique Aquatics Palace was also built in the area. All of Russia was able to get to know these facilities when an international university sports festival was held on the campus in 2023.

The second phase is currently under construction, with an area of ​​100 thousand square meters, which includes educational buildings of the institutes of radioelectronics and informatics, economics and management, as well as a specialized educational and scientific center for high school students. When designing them, the architects were inspired by the best models in the world, so the buildings, the outlines of which have already begun to appear, rising above the pit, will turn out to be original and at the same time universal. The honeycomb shape allows you to flexibly modify the internal space, combine or separate audiences depending on the purpose, for example, for project activities. In total, 8.8 thousand people will study here. By the time the facility is put into operation in November 2025, about 700 specialists and 120 pieces of equipment will work on site every day.

Residents in space

Another potential growth point for Novokoltsovsky is the Cosmos radioelectronics and IT technology park. Thanks to it, undergraduate and graduate students will be able to directly participate in scientific and technical projects of the university’s industrial partners.

“The technology park, like the industrial and logistics park for which land has been allocated, is a place where residents of the region can apply their efforts and our contribution to reducing travel in Yekaterinburg,” says Oleg Morokov.

This, however, does not remove the issue of transport accessibility from the agenda. The area where it is high always wins. Novokoltsovsky is surrounded by three highways: Siberia, Koltsovsky and EKAD. Four bus routes have already been laid through it, a tram line to the Botanicheskaya metro station and an elevated metro line are being designed. The road network is very well planned: everything is taken into account, including bicycle lanes, the roads are wide, with three lanes in each direction. A lot of housing can be built, and since the houses are occupied, there will be no traffic jams outside.

As Oleg Morokov admits, the developer first falls in love with his project and then makes future new residents fall in love with it. People who choose Novokoltsovsky to live will be able to be proud of their area and touch the highest technologies.

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