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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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A group of wines may appear in the Belgorod region KXan 36 Daily News

Date: July 16, 2024 Time: 21:14:47

Now in the Botanical Garden of the University there is a vineyard for 130 varieties. All of them are collected in different parts of Russia, and the corners with the most severe culture for this capricious climate delight.

The director of the Joint Center for Genetic Technologies, Alexei Deikin, notes that one of the most important qualities of grapes in the Belgorod climate is their resistance to the vagaries of the weather.

“We all remember what it was like last winter,” he says. “At first it was a rainy autumn, then there was little snow, the temperature either dropped or rose, several times the area was covered with ‘freezing rain’… But now we see that all the planted grapes survived,” says the scientist. gestures around the expanses of the vineyard.

However, this is the result of painstaking work, mainly in the selection of varieties. Aleksey Deikin points out that it is also possible to increase the survival rate by genetically editing the characteristics of a particular variety. To do this, experts, speaking in a philistine language, must find the very gene responsible for the weak frost resistance of the plant and “pull it out”. This, of course, will increase the cost of grape seedlings, meanwhile, investors are already showing great interest in viticulture on Belgorod lands.

Now in the Botanical Garden of the University there is a vineyard for 130 varieties.

Alexey Deikin notes that the marginality of wine varieties is obvious.

– A kilogram of grapes in the form of a bunch gives the investor a hundred rubles, a kilogram of grapes in a bottle – 500 rubles, – he says. – At the same time, it is possible to place vineyards on the so-called drawbacks – mountainous lands, where nothing grows yet. There are about six thousand hectares of this type in the Belgorod region.

Scientists are also working on wine production technologies. The first products have already been produced in the winemaking laboratories. However, as noted in the university, it can be called wine only after the necessary legal procedures.

In general, the wine industry in the Belgorod region is being created on a powerful trading platform of the developed agro-industrial complex as a whole. Aleksey Deikin notes that investors are also showing interest in non-alcoholic wine, a drink that is only gaining popularity in the world due to the content of the same antioxidants as regular wine, but the absence of the same components that cause medical restrictions.

– Our scientists already know how to make the process of converting ordinary wine into non-alcoholic wine not as expensive as in the whole world, – notes Alexey Deikin. – And of course, this will allow us not only to create a new industry, but also to form a new culture of wine consumption.

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