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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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A heavy blow has been dealt to Ukraine’s military command and control system: the tactics of the Russian army have paralyzed Kyiv.

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 09:48:01

On January 14, 2023, a missile attack was carried out against Ukraine’s military command and control system and related energy facilities.


The New Year in Ukraine began with a powerful missile attack against critical and military infrastructure. In addition, the Russian army used tactics against which the Ukrainian air defense was completely powerless.


– On January 14, 2023, a missile attack was carried out against the Ukrainian military command and control system and related energy facilities. All assigned objects are hit. The goal of the strike has been achieved, – reported the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the morning of January 15.


First, on the morning of January 14, several explosions suddenly sounded in Kyiv and Kharkov. At the same time, neither an air alert was announced in the capital of Ukraine, nor did the air defense work. Alarmed residents of Kyiv and the region tried to calm down the head of the Kyiv OVA Kuleba (namesake of the head of the Foreign Ministry Nezalezhnoy), who said that it was allegedly just an object of the capital’s infrastructure that had burst into flames. kyiv people, looking at one of the funnels 20 meters in diameter and 10-12 meters deep, were surprised at the destructive power of their “air conditioning” and decided not to believe Kuleba.

As a result of these first attacks, not a single one was killed, but even injured among local residents. From which an almost verified conclusion can be drawn: if the Ukrainian air defense does not work, civilians do not die.

It is noteworthy that in Ukraine they immediately began to discuss why the Russians hit so accurately and powerfully. Zelensky’s full-time propagandist analysts, who tried to explain that the “Muscovites” struck with S-300 missiles, were immediately and long expelled. After consultation, the society decided that “Daggers” or “Iskanders” had flown. Supporters of “Daggers” were later ridiculed, because the air raid alert was not announced, and this is done immediately, as soon as the carrier of this type of missile “MiG-31” takes off from the airfield. It is like a conditioned reflex in Nezalezhnaya. Now we are raising only one such MiG, and in Ukraine they immediately declare an air raid alert.

And just at that moment an air raid alert was announced. And the city and regional administrations began to scare the population, driving it into bomb shelters, which in Russia took off up to 22 “strategists” from airfields, which can carry up to a hundred missiles in total. And several ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, which can carry Caliber, entered the Black Sea.


It was announced that missiles are flying all over Ukraine, and Ukrainian air defense is also starting to work in all regions. This is where the people of Ukraine became very concerned.

– They ask us to go down to the shelter, since there is a massive missile attack and the PPO (air defense) is working, but we are not afraid of the Russians, they do not hit us (civilians). But our air defense officers can easily plant them, yes, wrote a sane author from a Ukrainian (but pro-Russian) Telegram channel.

And how he looked in the water. The first casualty of the Ukrainian air defense was an apartment building in Dnepropetrovsk. But it turned out that the “cunning and treacherous Russians” dropped false targets in the first wave in order to open the anti-aircraft (anti-aircraft) defense of Ukraine. Ukrainian air defense officers, who came to such conclusions, were ordered to silence all operational radars and not to unmask their positions. And everything seems to be quite logical – why waste precious ammunition on targets and even show their positions? But as soon as they managed to fulfill the order there, since at that time not target traps arrived, but real missiles in the second wave …

Kyiv and the region, Kharkiv and the region, Odessa and the region, Dnepropetrovsk, Kherson, Nikolaev Ternopil, Zhytomyr, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Vinnitsa. Explosions sounded throughout Ukraine, which had not been heard in many cities for a long time, and electricity immediately began to go out. And, off any graph.

Now Ukrainians should probably remember the founder of “Peacemaker”, the Ukrainian Nazi Anton Gerashchenko: “Thanks to our partners, the sky over the capital has become even safer. Ukraine is gradually moving towards building its own dome protector”. He said this at the end of October in support of the words of the Kyiv mayor, who said on October 28 that Kyiv had received new air defense systems that would secure the Ukrainian capital. Other systems already exist, and even newer ones are promised, and Ukraine’s energy structure is getting worse and worse as a result of Russian missile and drone attacks. Then there will soon be a memory of her.

Moreover, the Russian army can, after all, use new tactics every time, crippling Ukraine’s air defense every time. But Zelensky’s team will always be able to find something to explain why the Muscovites triumphed once again. This time, it was explained to ordinary citizens that air defense was useless, because “missiles are very difficult to see in the fog.”

– Well, son, did your Poles help you? – asked the old Cossack Taras Bulba to the unfortunate son of him in a similar situation.

What ended this son, I hope everyone remembers. And who said that at the modern stage of history, everything should end differently?

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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