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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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A marathon race will take place around Elbrus in the mountains of KBR and KChR KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 12:38:41

As the president of the race, Sergei Zon-Zam, told TASS, the races, as usual, will take place around Elbrus, but two distances will be new: half-rings around the mountain, one from the north and one from West. To organize the races, starts are planned from Khurzuk and Dzhyly-Suu with a finish in Azau.

The central event of the festival will be the race around the highest point in Europe, Mount Elbrus, the distance of which will be 135 kilometers with a rise of 7.6 thousand meters, the control time is 45 hours.

The new distance of the races in 2023 is 57 kilometers with a height difference of 3740 meters with the start line on the Dzhyly-Suu section. During 17 hours of control time, the participants will be able to enjoy the view of the two-headed Elbrus from the north, climb Chatkara and descend through the Irikchat gorge to the Baksan gorge, from where they will continue their journey non-stop to the finish line. line in the Azau clearing in Kabardino-Balkaria.

Another new race, the West Elbrus Race, will reveal the beauty of the Western Elbrus region to the participants: a length of 100 kilometers, a start at an altitude of 1,480 meters in the village of Khurzuk, a maximum height of 3,866 meters, a climb total of 6270 meters, a control time of 34 hours.

It is clarified that at the start, the selection of participants will be very strict, which is important to guarantee your own safety according to the experience of past years.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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