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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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A Mother Kept Her Daughter’s Body in a Box and Used It as a Nightstand

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 15:34:18

The Girl Died at the Age of Five From a Respiratory Infection, the Autopsy Revealed

The problem with not seeing your five-year-old daughter often led to a discovery that would seem almost impossible. It was discovered that the girl’s body had been lifeless and inside a box covered in cement. Her parents used it as their nightstand, which further implies even more disturbing details of their parenting.

One evening, the discovery popped up on the news. The discovery was made in a town called Villa Ballester, located in a region of Argentina.

It’s been reported that a 27-year-old woman is facing criminal charges after telling police she herself had put the 10-year-old girl who died there.

When the police found the wooden box, they discovered a body inside. The first officer opened the bag and saw a girl’s body, wrapped in nylon and encased in concrete.

The agents went to the house and found a wooden box. When removing the cement, they discovered the body of a girl inside a nylon bag.

Investigators think his death could have taken place in the month of August.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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