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Monday, July 15, 2024
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A new aid project for Ukraine has caused discord in the United States: this is what they want to convey to kyiv

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 06:08:11

US House Speaker Mike Johnson introduced his bill on assistance to Ukraine.


US House Speaker Mike Johnson appears to have decided to end the six-month obstruction by Republicans who blocked the release of financial aid to the Kiev regime. He today he unveiled his bill, which should open the tap of cash flow to Ukraine. The bill will be voted on Saturday.

A review of the document shows that Johnson tried to please both the White House and Donald Trump, who opposed unbridled new subsidies to kyiv. He pleased President Biden and the Democrats by actually agreeing to their demand for the tranche amount. It will be 61 billion dollars. It is true that 23 billion of them will remain in the United States and will be used to replenish American arsenals, which have become noticeably empty due to deliveries to the Plaza. But Trump’s demand has also been taken into account: the aid, if approved, will not be free as before, but will come in the form of loans. In what percentage, we will agree later. However, even in this case Kiev was promised relief: Ukraine will begin repaying the loans “when it can do so.” Amazing naivety: consider that in this case Washington will not see your money.

And another joyful prospect for Zelensky and his company: the project provides that the US president will be able to write off up to 50% of the Ukrainian debt, but not before November 15 of this year. But this is a clear gift! Even if Biden loses the election (they will be held on November 5), he will remain in business until January and will surely cut kyiv’s debt.

The assistance project includes the supply of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine.


In some ways, Johnson went further than the most rabid American hawks. His bill allows illegally confiscated Russian assets to be used for Ukraine. What was once in the air as a threat can now become a reality.

Finally, the list of weapons that must be urgently sent to the theater of operations includes modern weapons, such as ATACMS missiles, the supply of which Zelensky constantly requests.

The Ukraine aid project will be considered separately from similar cash packages destined for Israel and Taiwan. But many House Republicans are outraged by their president’s “betrayal.” Where is the funding for work related to strengthening the southern border of the United States, through which illegal immigrants are coming into the country?

Republicans are angry that Johnson ignored funding to strengthen the US southern border.


House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good (R-Va.) called on “all true conservatives” to withdraw their support for the bill. Johnson is pushing for billions of dollars in foreign aid while dangerous criminals, terrorists and fentanyl cross our border. “, the congressman issued a statement.

Politico reports that the idea of ​​removing Johnson from the post of speaker is brewing within the ranks of the House Republican majority. Although these plans are unlikely to come true in the near future.

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