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Friday, December 8, 2023
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A new trend for the appearance of dolls: a plastic surgeon said how much it will cost to become a Barbie

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 11:18:45

The fashion for the appearance of Barbie begins after the release of the film of the same name.

Photo: frame of the film.

After the release of the film about Barbie starring Margot Roby, the world was struck by an “epidemic”: bloggers dress in pink and throw parties in the style of Barbie. The time is uneven, the queues will begin for the plastic surgeons to make a puppet appearance…

“In fact, I am very sorry that the majority of our society, including bloggers, do not have their own opinion about their appearance,” says plastic surgeon Dmitry Zimin. – Yes, I agree, the film is good, the cast is wonderful, the appearance of the actress is pleasant, some kind of trend from this, of course, should have come out. But in order to redo yourself … You need to understand the main thing – dolls are different. Modern dolls have a very different appearance. And if people come to me to change my appearance, I really see the evidence, I understand that I can make my face more accurate, emphasize some lines, etc., then why not? But this as long as the patient is adequate and understands what and why we will do it.

Plastic surgeon Dmitry Zimin

Photo: personal archive


– What if they start coming to you for a real doll look?

– If the patients do not have the pertinent indications, I will explain to them that I will not do it if, from my professional point of view and based on my principles, this would be wrong. I’m not omnipotent and I don’t have a magic wand: I can’t turn everyone into a Barbie. And even more so, I do not set myself such a task.

– Experts have calculated that if the doll was a person, then with a height of 175 centimeters, Barbie would weigh less than 50 kg, with a waist of 45 cm, hips – 84 cm, and chest – 99 cm. It is clear that the chances of meeting a woman with such parameters in real life are small.

– Yes I agree. If we talk about weight, a 50 kg woman with a height of 175 cm will look quite painful. This is already anorexia, which in itself is not very good. It is not only not very aesthetically pleasing, but also has a negative impact on life in terms of health, including lack of energy and vitality. There are special indicators that assess the ratio of weight and height, and each person has their own ideal weight for their height. Harmony and individuality are important to me.

“It seems to me that Barbie is first and foremost about harmony. Look at Margot Robbie: how harmonious she is in the film and in her life: her face, her figure. She is not anorexic, she is at the target body weight, that is, at her ideal weight, ”says the surgeon.


– But still, tell me, what do you have to change in yourself to have the appearance of Barbie?

– Once again, if I agree to help a suitable patient (this is important!) to approach the appearance of Barbie, then just emphasize something, strengthen something, add something, remove something superfluous somewhere, but with This preserves the anatomy of the patient, does not disfigure it, does not make the patient an invalid.

Look at what the excess of “puppets” can threaten:

1. Rhinoplasty: change the shape of the nose.

This operation must pursue not only an aesthetic function, the nose is not only for beauty, it is also for respiratory function. You can make an amazing puppet nose, but it won’t breathe. This is terrible, because the person will be disabled. Therefore, rhinoplasty must be both aesthetic and functional.

2. Remove the lower ribs to get a slim waist.

Usually such a traumatic operation is not required today. There are other techniques that allow narrowing the waist, so to speak, “breaking” the lower ribs and achieving a good result in the correction of this area. But this may not be entirely harmonious…

3. Lengthening of legs.

This is a very traumatic procedure. Special devices are used that stimulate osteogenesis. In order to decide on such a procedure, you need to think very carefully and weigh all the pros and cons.


– If you don’t take extreme procedures into account, how much can Barbie-style cosmetic changes cost?

– First, let’s start with time. Because such a transformation, taking into account various interventions both on the face and on the body, takes a long time. Surgeons don’t have a magic wand, just a scalpel. And I’m not one of those surgeons who do everything at once. When a patient comes in for an appointment, we assess the prospects and build a plan. We are part of the operations and we make sure to evaluate the results. Only then do we continue, or in the process change tactics.

Speaking of price:

* Rhinoplasty will cost from 450 thousand rubles.

* Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) may be necessary for cosmetic reasons. For example, to correct the shape of the eyes in the style of Margot Robbie, from 250 thousand.

* If it is necessary to lift the lower third of the face, then both interventions together will cost 800 thousand rubles.

* Blepharoplasty and endoscopy of the forehead for a patient who has already experienced the first age-related changes and protrusions in the eyebrow area will cost a little less – from 700 thousand.

* You can get a chiseled figure and correct possible shortcomings in the waist area using liposuction: liposuction of the anterior abdominal wall, lateral sections of the abdomen and the lumbar region with elements of liposculpture will cost 500 thousand rubles in total.

* Separately, liposuction of the thighs will cost 400 thousand.

* Since Barbie loves to show off in a mini, the patient may need lipofilling on her knees, for which she will have to pay 250 thousand.

TOTAL: From 700 thousand (only per person) to 2.5 million and more.

Please note that we have not accounted for extreme leg lengthening operations yet!


“Today everyone wants to be like Margot Robbie, a new movie comes out tomorrow and everyone wants to be someone else. Today Barbie is in fashion, tomorrow a roly-poly. But she must understand that the body has certain resources, and each person has their own individual characteristics; often they do not allow him to become someone else, “says Dmitry Zimin.

This is how we learn to be ourselves.


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