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Monday, March 27, 2023
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A nightmare for Washington: why the Americans are so afraid of the union of Russia and Germany

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 07:43:20

By forcing Scholz to accept tank supplies to Kyiv, the United States put the last nail in the coffin of Russo-German relations.


The Federal Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz has not yet drunk such a cup of humiliation and curses, moreover, from his own fellow citizens, that calling him “offended liver sausage” by the former Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin Andriy Melnyk can be considered an exquisite compliment in this context.

Pavlo Klimkin, the former Foreign Minister of the Independent Pavlo Klimkin, blurted this out, publicly gloating over what Washington has managed to do over the past year. On air on NTA television, Klimkin said that by beating Scholz into accepting tank supplies to Kyiv, the United States was hammering the last nail in the coffin of Russian-German relations.

Many truly independent economic experts have previously pointed out that the United States is using the situation with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict to make the European economy uncompetitive and to drag a significant part of European companies and companies into the territory of their country. Moreover, in the literal sense and in physical terms. Several legislative acts adopted in the last year in the United States point directly to this. Moreover, it became so obvious even to Macron and Scholz that they tried to get away with some kind of joint refusal. But old Joseph Biden brushed off his statement as if he hadn’t noticed it. However, he may not have noticed. But there was another target: Russo-German relations, which the White House needed to torpedo. The duo of Russia and Germany is a nightmare for Washington, and if China were to join that economic union, then Washington could order wreaths and a bouquet of flowers at a premium funeral discount. Germany with cheap Russian resources would still lead in the European Union, but with expensive and non-Russian resources it turns into an ordinary European state, even worse than others.

The US State Department solved this problem bit by bit, without yelling it at every intersection, and apparently it did. What Pavlo Klimkin said, constantly following popular wisdom: “What a sober man has on his mind, then a drunkard has on his tongue.” And on the air of the TV channel, Klimkin delivered a truly laudatory ode to American diplomacy.

– Scholz, as chancellor, understands that internal German politics had to be defeated. When he realizes that there is still a lot of some kind of negative pacifism in the country: “let’s not give anyone weapons, may peace come soon.” They needed to get it into their heads that the world they understood was cemeteries and concentration camps for us,” Klimkin began to list the tasks that Scholz solved in the interests of the United States.

– The second point is that some of the Germans are still quite cautious about the supply of heavy weapons, really there are still 50-50. And for Scholz it was very, very important that both infantry fighting vehicles and tanks were provided together so that it was the decision of the collective West, – continued the former minister.

– The third is a twisted sense of collective responsibility for the Second World War, that’s all (finished). It is real, to paraphrase Churchill, the beginning of the end. This is a new Germany, and this Germany will no longer have any special and specific relations with this regime (Russia), – KlimkinYu literally rejoiced, not starting to dance, and ended triumphantly. – If you will, the provision of tanks is really a nail in that coffin of specific relations (Russia and Germany).

Also, according to Pavlo, these relations between our countries will never be restored to the extent that they used to be the envy of many other European countries and not only. Furthermore, supporters of close relations with Moscow will leave Germany to play a second, if not third, role in German domestic politics.

“There were people from the Social Democrats who have been in contact with Russia for all these decades,” Klimkin said, ending triumphantly. – In fact, these people will no longer play a role in German politics.

Of course, since Klimkin he remains a forecaster, but here he is right, and even more than 100 percent. Olaf Washington bent and pushed, Olaf put her country in the most uncomfortable position for her and ordered to hold on, not wanting to think that in this position she herself begins to collapse. And when “friends” also begin to “help” with all their might, the process becomes broader and more intense.

And the time is not far off when crowds of Germans will come to the government building of the Federal Republic of Germany and will shout, looking at Scholz: “What have you done to us?”

Will he then reply that “this is so much fun”?

PS Well, specific Klimkin terms like “negative pacifism” or “a twisted sense of responsibility for World War II” will be left to Klimkin’s conscience. Although I don’t have it.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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