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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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A performance dedicated to the German Titov was presented in Altai – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 10:43:50

German Titov became the first cosmonaut in Earth history to complete a long space flight, more than a day. Many years have passed, but a native of the Altai Territory remains the youngest earthling who has ever been in space. In his honor are the Main Test Center for Testing and Control of Space Facilities, a crater in the Moscow Sea on the far side of the Moon, the Barnaul Airport and the Palace of Entertainment and Sports, and even an asteroid But there was always the impression that we knew little about the unspectacular side of German Stepanovich’s life. The documentary project of the dramatic theater helps to reveal little-known pages of Titov’s biography.

“Titov. The long wait” is a multi-layered title. Here is the languor of the young pilot: whether or not he will enlist in the cosmonaut corps. And a long and exhausting preparation for a flight into the unknown. And difficult thoughts about how you will end up in the queue of future cosmonauts. And the painful hours and minutes for parents, wife, sister, friends, compatriots waiting for the German Titov to return from orbit.

The genre of performance is such that the artists, half of whom are very young, have little space to roam and demonstrate their talent. What is generally symbolic is that they speak of a time when they used to think about the country, and then about themselves, they put the public before the personal and, for the success of a great cause, they were not afraid to make sacrifices. The romantic impulse of the Soviet people towards space is reflected very well in the photographs projected on the stage. Particularly impressive are the photographs of the panels dedicated to space exploration, which were fashionable in those years. It was one of the most brilliant periods in the history of our country in the 20th century. And in this sense, the color black, which predominates in the costumes of most of the characters, seemed unnecessary. Quite a few black and white photographs and newsreel footage.

The action lasts an hour and a half without a break. Everything is dynamic, but the director sacrificed some important stories, perhaps in vain. The line of Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, who became Titov’s godfather and determined his serial number in the history of space exploration, is clearly missing.

Another important point is related to the amazing charisma of German Stepanovich. Titov was an extremely charming person; Originally from an Altai village, he was friends with many representatives of the capital’s creative intelligentsia. There was no one in the play to convey Titov’s charisma. In an interview with RG, Altai journalist and writer Konstantin Somov, who wrote the book “Call Sign “Eagle”” from the series “Altai. Destination. Epoch”. The only book in Russia about Titov, full of documents and eyewitness accounts, could have helped the production team, but no one turned to Somov.


The play “Titov. The Long Wait” should interest different generations. With such a setup, it’s not a sin to wander around the edges. After all, after this performance, at least some of the audience will have renewed hope that we will return to space in a big way, even if the wait seems long.

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Hansen Taylor
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