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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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A radionuclide therapy department was opened at the city cancer hospital N 1 in Moscow KXan 36 Daily News

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 19:33:18

“Radionuclide therapy is one of the fastest growing and most effective treatment methods,” said Anastasia Rakova.

Refers to the oncology department of the outpatient cancer care center where the patient is observed.

Sergey Parts, deputy chief physician of the medical department of the oncology hospital No. 1, noted that thyroid cancer is treated here with radiopharmaceuticals. Radiologists will also help patients with endocrine pathology of the thyroid gland, accompanied by increased production of hormones – thyrotoxicosis. “These are not cancer patients: our endocrinologist colleagues are watching them, prescribing thyroid static drugs for the correction of metabolic disorders for constant use,” the doctor shared the details. “An alternative to that treatment is a single exposure to radioactive iodine. quickly and effectively reduce the level of thyroid hormones The solution on the appointment of this type of therapy is accepted by endocrinologists.

In three years, six cancer centers have been created in multidisciplinary hospitals

Another group of radiologists who need help, according to Sergey Parts, are patients with bone metastases. The additional effect of radioactive preparations, such as samarium, radium, lutetium, in some cases allows to increase the effectiveness of special treatment and reduce pain in such patients.

The head of the new department, Ilya Pyatnitsky, noted that they treat both in a round-the-clock hospital and in a day hospital. “As for radiation safety, when a patient is discharged from a hospital, according to all the criteria of the radiation safety regulations of the Russian Federation, and we have one of the strictest in the world, it does not represent a danger. for everyone else. and later he can be hospitalized in any hospital if necessary, ”he stressed.

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