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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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A rating of the regions of Russia has been compiled, where the most vodka, wine and beer are drunk.

Date: April 14, 2024 Time: 20:24:21

Photo: Alexey BULATOV

Again, there is no reason not to drink! This time, out of sadness. This was the motto of last year for many Russians. And it poured out sadness, sadness, above all bitterness. This was found out by the experts from the FinExpertiza audit and consulting network, when studying the statistics on the sale of liquor in stores in the country.

So, over the past year, the average Russian used:

– 6.8 liters of strong alcohol (vodka, cognac, gin, rum and other alcoholic beverages over 25 degrees)

– 6.2 liters of wine products (still, sparkling, liqueur, fruit wines and wine-based beverages)

– 52.2 liters of beer products (beer, beer-based drinks, cider, poiret, mead)

Now let’s look at the dynamics. Beer consumption has not changed at all throughout the year. We started drinking 5.5% less wine. But sales of vodka and other strong spirits rose 7.5% for the year.

With wine, it’s all about clear. Its consumption in Russia has been falling in recent years, following the well-being of the people. In tough times, people switch to something stronger and cheaper. But such a sharp increase in hard alcohol sales is still out of the ordinary.

– Drinking alcohol is traditionally perceived by many as the easiest and cheapest way to reduce anxiety and stress. It is significant that by mid-2022, Russian spending on harmful consumption – that is, on alcohol, tobacco products and sweets – increased by a fifth, – explains Aghvan Mikaelyan, a member of the FinExpertiza board of directors.

And, of course, the general geopolitical situation (let’s call it that) also brought people to the counter with an “18+” sign:

– The high growth in the sale of alcoholic beverages over 25 proof occurred against the background of the withdrawal of many foreign brands of alcohol from Russia. Probably some consumers could buy imported alcohol for the future. At the same time, vodka and cognac have risen in price less than wine and beer, which has also affected consumption growth, says Mikaelyan.

At the same time, the experts found out in which regions the most (and least) are drunk. By tradition, residents of the North Caucasian republics are indifferent to alcohol. For example, the average resident of Chechnya, Ingushetia and Kabardino-Balkaria drinks less than a liter of vodka or wine per year. And in the northern regions and Siberia, the picture is exactly the opposite (see “Only numbers”) – it is there, as statistics show, that the main drunkards of the country live. “It’s cold though!” They will say in his defense. We’ll let this pass our ears and make our main toast: to sobriety!

And for the fact that our country had to drown another depression in a glass as little as possible.


Which regions drink the most hard liquor…

Region Sales per person per year, l

Karelia 15.5

Sakhalin region 14.9

komi 14.6

Magadan Region 14.1

Kamchatka Territory 12.4

Archangel Region 12.2

Nenets Autonomous Okrug 12.2

Vologda region 12.1

Murmansk region 11.8

Chukotka Autonomous Okrug 11.4


Region Sales per person per year, l

Nenets Autonomous Okrug 11.7

Karelia 11

Moscow region 10.2

Saint Petersburg 10.2

Leningrad region 10

Murmansk region 9.7

Sakhalin Region 9.6

komi 9.3

Archangel Region 9.1

Magadan Region 9.1

…and beer

Region Sales per person per year, l

Jewish Autonomous Region 93.2

Murmansk region 87.4

Sakhalin region 83.8

Kamchatka Territory 82.1

Khakassia 81.7

komi 81.6

Khabarovsk Territory 81.5

Sverdlovsk region 80

Karelia 78.6

Kirov region 78.6

According to FinExpertiza.

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