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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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“A squad of women in public telephone booths were watching us”: a Komsomolskaya Pravda columnist recalled a walk through North Korea’s nighttime capital

Date: July 17, 2024 Time: 16:09:16

North Korean pioneers prepare to receive Vladimir Putin.

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Well, since these four letters of the DPRK are so popular nowadays, I will tell you a story: how I visited North Korea. I say it often, it goes strong. They usually ask me if I thought of everything. I cross myself and convince my interlocutors of the truth. And no offense. Anyone who has not been to the DPRK will never be able to imagine it. This is a special, supernatural and amazing world with which we will be friends, trade and maybe even defend ourselves together.

So, the center of Pyongyang. The Intourist in North Korea is the only hotel for foreigners. We watched enthusiastically from the window: a magnificent and absolutely empty night city. No cars, nothing, and just a couple of not entirely sober passers-by under the windows. We were strictly prohibited from leaving the hotel. And we, the journalists who arrived with the Federation Council delegation, suffer from inactivity. And in the bar they were completely immersed in melancholy. And one day, my AIF friend and I came up with a brilliant idea: take a walk around Pyongyang at night. (I hope these lines are not read by the group of journalists who are now there, because, colleagues, it was a bad idea!) But then, in a bar in North Korea, it seemed to us: what’s going on?

The hotel security guard was distracted, we ran past him and, accompanied by Korean wailing, plunged into the alley… We walked along completely empty streets, noticing, however, that there were no curtains on the windows. And from every window they looked at portraits: Kim Jong Il or Kim Il Sung… It was getting dark. But the lights did not turn on (at that time there was another famine in the DPRK), the country saved what it could…

It became boring again. I even had the following thoughts: well, if you can walk through the most closed city in the world with impunity, then maybe it is really in vain that they scold the DPRK so much. A sweet and hospitable capital, although strangely uncrowded, which despises curtains…

We decided to end the heroism and dissidence, and return to the hotel to confess. And then my friend felt the need to smoke. We stopped in some courtyard in Pyongyang, in complete (this is very important for the story) silence.

And from this moment I begin to swear that what follows is the real truth.

The friend turned on the lighter, again in absolute silence! -e he accidentally illuminated a part of the patio, where it turns out there were public telephone booths. In the cabins there was a squad of women in identical uniforms, they held pipes in their hands and looked at us silently.

It was a terrible image. The women’s faces, illuminated by the light of a lighter, are still before my eyes… That is to say, we were not alone the entire way. An entire army of friendly North Korean law enforcement officers silently followed us, apparently for our own safety and health…

We quickly returned to the hotel. Immediately, just in case, I fell in love with the ideas of Juche. And Kim Jong-il (father of the current Kim Jong-un) was already like a father to me, and most importantly, forgiving…

We were allowed to return. We were very lucky. The guard looked at us as if we were fascists, but he remained silent… I’m sure someone upstairs, reflecting, ruled out our sin…

And now I miss North Korea. Everywhere I’ve been, Pyongyang is like a rabbit hole you can fall into if you’re really lucky, and only once in a lifetime…

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