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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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A Star Is Born: Style, Nonchalance, Self-Acceptance: Why We Love Barbra Streisand

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 14:39:20

On April 24, the charming Barbra Streisand celebrates her birthday. Today the singer, actress, director, producer, activist, style icon and simply a legendary woman who continues to inspire people around the world by her example, she is 81 years old. Let’s find out what the Barbra phenomenon is and what you should learn from the pop diva.

According to Barbra, she had good taste even in her distant youth, when she sang in bars and restaurants for little money. She buying the cheapest second-hand things, she combined them with each other so stylishly that others borrowed some ideas and tried to imitate her, and the girl she boldly sewed and refashioned clothes for herself.

Gold Hello Dolly! Dress, 1969 Leopard Print Suit, Chanel Runway Show, 1966 Arnold Scaasi Sheer Suit, Oscars, 1969 Pink Ensemble from Meeting of Two Hearts, 1973 Silver Dress from A Star Is Born, 1973 Doris Hooker Pajamas in the movie “The Owl and the Kitten”, 1970

“I always liked my nose from certain angles, and I still do. They would tell me: “You can get rid of this lump.” And I replied: “So I love this tuber”.

According to Barbra, whether a person is beautiful or not depends solely on his spiritual qualities, and not on external data. To meet the beauty standards in the film industry, the girl was often offered to undergo surgical operations (especially to correct her nose), but she always refused; as she might appear to someone, she turned her flaws into features and this inspired many women who were dissatisfied with her appearance or had complexes.

Barbra can definitely be called a self-made woman. Her father died when the girl was not even a year old, and her mother, a simple school secretary, married a man who treated her stepdaughter rather coldly, even cruelly. In addition to the eternal reproaches from her stepfather, Barbra also got it at school. Due to her appearance (slim figure, slant eyes, long nose), she was often bullied. However, Barbra herself is not mean to anyone:

“Many people had a difficult childhood. Tell me better, who had it perfect? Difficulties shape character. When we learn to accept and be less angry, we gain gratitude.”

“I am real much more important than I am an artist. Being a citizen is a role.”

Barbra has always been a philanthropist and was not indifferent to social issues. For many years she has supported the Democratic Party of the United States: she has been involved in the movement for women’s rights, independent journalists, sexual minorities and defenders of environmental initiatives. Also, being one of the richest women in Hollywood, she is regularly involved in charitable activities.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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