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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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A unique International Tourism Forum was held in Kyrgyzstan – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 04:28:01

From our experience to yours

This time the organizers deviated a little from the usual “office” format. They asked the popular performer of national musical compositions Baktygul Abdi Zhetigen to open the forum and set the pace for his work. His brilliant performance was accompanied by two beautiful golden eagles, which left no one indifferent. Everyone was in a very good mood and the desire to work productively multiplied.

The forum turned out to be very representative. More than 120 foreign tour operators participated in it. 30 speakers presented reports on new areas of industry development. Topics included public-private partnerships in the tourism industry, green technologies, event marketing (event organization), digitalization, country brand promotion and others.

Those who participated in the forum were not the first to notice: tourism in Kyrgyzstan has changed quantitatively and qualitatively over the past two years. And yet, the industry’s potential has yet to be fully realized. Newcomers to the forum were in no hurry to draw conclusions, but they immediately saw the opportunity to participate in it.

“This is the first time I have the opportunity to come to Kyrgyzstan and attend such an important event,” Ekaterina Butnikova, an expert in the field of business tourism from the Russian Federation, shared her impressions with RG. – While talking with my colleagues, I came to the conclusion: most Russians who come to the republic simply do not know what they can see here. Now tour operators have begun to pay close attention to the states of Central and South Asia. The CIS countries are also a relatively new area of ​​work; The main thing here is to build it correctly. I think that in the forum we took the first steps in this direction.

According to Mikhail Dzhamshitov, one of the founders of the Samarkand Tourism Fund, transnational travel is now very popular, especially among European travelers. Tourists arriving from Europe are increasingly booking international study trips, and the Central Asia region is of particular interest to them. For Uzbek citizens, the priority in Kyrgyzstan is, of course, Issyk-Kul, the sea closest to them.

The Kazakh leaders, for their part, presented a series of concrete proposals that, in their opinion, would be of interest to their Kyrgyz colleagues.

“Lately we have been actively developing two directions: event tourism and gastrotourism,” says Zhanar Nurlybek, event marketing specialist from Almaty. – In addition, it has become very important to promote the country’s tourism through some significant events. For example, the United Arab Emirates began to do it through football, organizing spectacular tournaments. As far as I know, your country has adopted an entire national program for the development of this sport. Which, I believe, can be a good incentive for the development of both business and event tourism. By the way, Kyrgyzstan already has such experience – the World Nomad Games. They have become a true brand of the republic. I recently went on a tour of African countries, and even there they know these, in my opinion, unique competitions.

Guaranteed peace of mind

And yet, for anyone going on vacation abroad, two things are important: comfort and safety. Unfortunately, last year there were problems with the latter in Kyrgyzstan. Despite the assurances of government agencies, tourists encountered difficulties, and quite often. From time to time information about some kind of emergency appeared in the media.

“We have already completely reviewed the entire security organization during the tourist season,” noted Kudret Taibacharov, president of the Foundation for the Support and Development of Tourism. – First of all, permission was received to use a helicopter to organize rescue operations and search for missing people in the mountains. Tourist police, ambulances and emergency services have radically changed the way they work. More efforts will be directed to prevention and alerting tourists. Requirements for the private sector involved in the tourism industry have become stricter. Last year, tourists often complained about the poor quality of food and the lack of necessary medical care. There was a case in Bosteri, when a man fell ill at night, at that time the owners of the boarding house went somewhere and the guests did not know where to call to call a doctor. Owners of guest houses and mini-guesthouses must now publish information with emergency telephone numbers.

While the tour operators exchanged experiences, a mock inspection of the police units of the Issyk-Kul region was held at the racecourse in the city of Cholpon-Ata. It was personally led by the Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Kyrgyz Republic, Oktyabr Urmanbetov.

“The police are prepared for the tourist season, public order and security will be guaranteed at the highest level,” he promised. – Staff and measures are currently being monitored to ensure the safety of Kyrgyz and foreign guests. I will add that this issue is under the control of President Sadyr Japarov and the Minister of the Interior, Ulan Niyazbekov. More than four thousand video cameras operate in the republic 24 hours a day. Police officers are also equipped with video surveillance equipment. New cars, jet skis, drones, tablets and other necessary equipment were purchased. A police station equipped with modern equipment has been opened in Balykchy. Your employees have already started working. A “102” reception center has been created, which operates 24 hours a day, and an operational coordination headquarters to provide timely attention to citizens. More than five thousand police officers will better ensure public order in the republic, especially since a series of international meetings and events at the state level will be held in our country this year. Security measures will therefore be reinforced manifold.

Product face

The culmination of the opening of the tourist season in Kyrgyzstan was the Issyk-Kul ITF – 2024 fair-exhibition. With this, a real tourist pilgrimage to the republic begins.

This year the exhibition was held at the Rukh Ordo cultural center, where artisans from all regions of the country gathered. They presented products made in the national style and also talked about interesting places that they recommended visiting.

Nazgul Mamatova came from the Osh region. She brought the works of her fellow artisans to the exhibition. They make toshoki (national blankets or mattresses), felt slippers and silk scarves, which are very popular with foreign guests.

Another craftswoman, Saltanat Satybaldieva, represented the Naryn region at the fair.

“Our region has the most beautiful mountain lakes and they are attracting more and more tourists,” he shared. – In addition, we have ideal mountains to organize both hiking routes and horseback riding and off-road vehicle rides. In general, in the Naryn region there are more than 120 recreational facilities. This exhibition gave us an excellent opportunity to talk about our capabilities.

Asia Abdrakhmanova, in turn, lives in the Issyk-Kul region. For many years she has been creating decorations for yurts.

“Our craft is transmitted from generation to generation,” he emphasized. – Everything is done according to ancient traditions. It is very important not to miss a single detail. In the Republic, there are not so many of us who know our business down to the last detail, so to speak. Each one has their own style, which the family has preserved for centuries. Many people asked me to teach them, but the work is meticulous and does not tolerate complications, and now the young people are restless. You need everything quickly and therefore often everything turns out anyway.

By the way

In 2024, by decision of the President of Kyrgyzstan, Sadyr Japarov, 163 million dollars will be allocated to the development of tourism in the republic. This amount will be used mainly to expand tourist areas in mountainous areas.

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