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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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A woman wins 1.2 million euros in the Bonoloto and continues to beg

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 11:14:51

A year ago, the bonoloto awarded a million-dollar prize that would change the life of a woman from Alicante who had to beg at the supermarket door to be able to live. Luck was on the side of those who needed it most and with her one euro ticket, this woman obtained 1,271,491 euros. Despite being aware of the money that she expected, those who know her confess that she kept up her routine of begging on the street because she doesn’t believe it was true.

The story of this beggar changed when she went to Estanco 54 to buy a ticket for one euro. His millionaire prize has turned out to be quite an aspiration for many who have been encouraged to try their luck in the same place. Located in the La Florida neighborhood in Alicante, its managers confess that they will not forget the day they found out they had won a winning prize. In statements to the media, they assure that since then many have come there to ask for a ticket with which they hope to achieve the same fate as the millionaire beggar.

Mari Ángeles and Eugenio, managers of this tobacconist, explain that some 500 people a day go to their premises to buy the bonoloto at their premises, but between them they have not seen the winning millionaire again. They indicate that, despite this, they know that she “continues to live in the neighborhood and that she leads a normal life.” In her statements to the ABC newspaper, they affirm that this woman’s life “has not changed much” despite having entered 1.2 million euros into her account from one day to the next.

Win 1.2 million euros

The owners of the establishment remember well the day after this woman won the millionaire prize of the bonoloto. They explain in the interview that she went as always that day to make the minimum bet of one euro, assuring that she believed that she was the winner of the previous day. Seeing that she went to the store with a bag of donated food, they thought they were used as a joke.

Throughout its history, which dates back to 1903, this tobacconist has been run by women and it is precisely one of them, the great-great-granddaughter of the first owner, the only one who could supply her ticket for the bonoloto every day to which she was the winner. . In all these years of trajectory, this has been the biggest award they have given, although according to what they confess, they hope to be able to surpass it soon.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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