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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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A young Sevastopol family was denied a subsidy to pay a mortgage due to the birth of a child KXan 36 Daily News

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 17:19:28

“Neither I nor my husband had space to live,” says Anastasia. -Under the “Young Family” program, she can buy an apartment with a mortgage or start building a house, and then pay part of the cost of housing at the expense of a subsidy. We settle down and wait for the certificate. The family then consisted of two people, it was necessary to find an apartment with an area of ​​​​at least 24 square meters, or 12 squares per person. We asked the construction department of the capital of Sevastopol for advice, and they assured us that the apartment we had chosen was suitable and that we could receive a payment.

Anastasia (right) and Daniil Izmailov have already been waiting for their fifth-year payment. Photo: Courtesy of the Izmailov family

In 2022, the Izmailovs had a daughter, and in 2023 it was the turn to receive a certificate. And then the officials surprised the happy parents: it turned out that the certificate could not be used for the apartment they bought and where they live. All due to the fact that the family has grown and ceased to fit odnushka by standards. Three of them should already be at least 36 square meters, and they are only 30.

– We brought the documents for verification again, – continues Anastasia. – But they were not accepted by us, arguing that in this case we will immediately receive a refusal and be excluded from the queue, since our apartment does not fit the pictures.

The officials explained that, having received the payment now, the family will still need better living conditions, as there is not enough living space for three.

Young parents are confused. It turns out that while standing in line, in no case should she give birth to children, otherwise she will not see payments? What kind of condition is this in a program aimed at supporting young families, increasing the birth rate?

As an alternative, the Izmailovs were offered to buy another, more spacious apartment that met the criteria of the program. And before that, you need to find somewhere several million rubles to pay off the current mortgage debt, to take the next one with the security of this apartment. The whole scheme! Yes, and such a young family cannot afford it: only the husband works, the wife is on maternity leave. There is a more cunning option – divorce. So, Anastasia will be considered a single mother with a child, and she will be able to receive a certificate for an apartment of 30 square meters. And then the parents marry again. But you don’t want to fool anyone, go for some stunts and tricks.

The Izmailovs appealed to all authorities, writing an appeal on the city government website and describing their situation on social networks. When the story broke, they received a call from the construction company in the capital of Sevastopol and told them that they were still willing to accept documents for consultation with the Russian Ministry of Construction.

It turned out that a certificate for an apartment cannot be used due to the fact that the family has grown and ceased to fit in an odnushka according to the standards.

-They say that our case is atypical, although what can be atypical in the birth of children? – the woman is surprised. What if twins were born? It turns out that the apartment should automatically grow with the family. They will consult whether it is possible, without violating the law, to issue a certificate to pay off the mortgage on our apartment. We sent the documents, still no response.

A comment

Sofia Yakovenko, lawyer, Sevastopol:

– In this case, the refusal to provide a subsidy to a young family is illegal.

The “Young Family” program was approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 17, 2010 N 1050, which also includes the rules for providing social benefits to young families.

The rules state that the allowance is provided to young families for various purposes. This includes participating in the co-construction of a house and the purchase of apartments in the primary and secondary markets, obtaining a mortgage loan or paying off an existing one. Herein lies the reason why the family was turned down: in most cases, a subsidy is given for an apartment that is just being purchased or under construction. So, in fact, it cannot be less than the norm of the total area, taking into account all family members.

However, when paying off an existing mortgage loan, a different rule applies: the total area of ​​​​the dwelling is taken into account for each family member on the date of the state registration of home ownership. This is stated in paragraph 4 of subsection 38 of the previous rules. By the way, you can buy an apartment and more than the minimum area. Therefore, the main thing is for what purposes the family needs a subsidy and whether the area of ​​​​the apartment is enough to support all family members on the day the apartment is purchased. In our situation, the family needs to receive a written refusal to provide a subsidy and go to court.

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