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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Abengoa liquidates a painting by Murillo, a residence in Huelva and a berth

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 04:47:13

This Tuesday the list of assets that make up the assets of the Seville company Abengoa, which increased to 23,245,000 euros, was made public. The company, which is in liquidation, owns a painting by Murillo, a holiday residence in Huelva and the concession for a berth in the port of Sotogrande (Cádiz).

The liquidation plan presented by the bankruptcy administration, to which Europa Press has had access, and approved with the inclusion of some nuances by the Mercantile Court of Seville, details all the current and non-current assets of the Seville company. Thus, the first group is made up of a series of assets with a liquidation value of 5,597,000 euros and, the second, the total amounts to 17,648,000 euros. 586,000 euros.

Likewise, among the assets there is also a holiday residence located in La Antilla (Lepe, Huelva), intended for the holiday use of employees and which is valued at 586,000 euros. Since 2017 this farm has not been operational and has a soccer field, paddle tennis courts and more than 60 double rooms for guests spread over five floors. In the same way, it also has among its active mass the concession of a berth in La Marina, in the Port of Sotogrande, in Cádiz, valued at 36,000 euros. This concession does not expire until 2057 and has a length of twelve meters and a beam of four meters.

It should be remembered that the Mercantile Court of Seville carried out Abengoa’s liquidation plan, although with nuances to the original proposal presented by the bankruptcy administration that it asked to abide by. In addition, it gave three months to report the status of the liquidation “or earlier if it had occurred to the alienation of all assets.” This step came after, last July, the judge opened the liquidation phase of the company and ordered it to present the plan for the liquidation of assets and rights included in the active mass, as included in the bankruptcy legislation of creditors.

The liquidation plan, according to the order of the Commercial Court, was “convenient for the interests of the bankruptcy”, although “some modifications must be made”, which made reference to the asset object of the liquidation operations, to the liquidation system, to the specialties applicable to the offers for the acquisition of productive units, to the treatment of special privileges, to charges and records and finally in the section related to payments.

Finally, the Mercantile Court of Seville has received five offers for the almost thirty subsidiaries that concentrate Abengoa’s most important assets. These are the offers of Urbas, Ultramar Energy, Grupo Cox, RCP and Sinclair and Terramar.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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