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About blat in the cinema, naked Nastasya Samburskaya and the wrong side of the series: a frank story of the “Russian Heath Ledger” Nikita Kologrivy

Date: July 24, 2024 Time: 05:42:04

The passionate young man Nikita Kologrivy, who clearly showed himself in many popular projects (“Podolsky’s Cadets”, “Major Grom”, “Offline”, etc.), continues to work, sweat and with Siberian perseverance to make his way to big roles. They don’t trust too often, and this excites the actor even more. He is extremely honest and open, does not go into pocket for a word and opens the audience’s eyes to the background of the clan of shadows in Russian cinema. He does not complain, but challenges the “robbing” actors with strong names, who are literally dragged by the ears to the stars on the set. How is this possible? Nikita explains on her fingers in a conversation with KP.RU after the premiere of the new series “Max and Gus” (Wink) about two eccentric friends who regularly get into fierce trouble.

– Nikita, first about the series: the cocky and energetic Max is very similar to you in character, right? When you started filming, you presented yourself on a business card as an actor who likes to play bad guys and cheeky ones.

– That is if. You can’t fool yourself or people. Everyone sees from the outside which character suits me best. A big plus is that the creators of the “Max and Gus” project saw the qualities of Max in me by watching my work in episodes. If they had not noticed this, I would not have had the main role, and such a series would not have happened in my life either. I think my inner desires and worldly coincidences worked together.

Have you been told that you look like Heath Ledger? He, too, a master, though now deceased, at playing tragic and charming scoundrels.

– Someone recently told me. Although it’s amazing, I never thought about it. Also, I like this actor (the Australian received a posthumous Oscar for the role of the Joker. – Auth.): Even our creative life is similar. Like him, I often leave the house, and various acquaintances live in my apartment, I am not tied to a certain point, I am in the flow. As it was (Ledger died at the age of 28 from an overdose of a drug cocktail – Ed.). He played excellent roles, such a comparison flatters me, but most often I am outwardly compared with Nikolai Karachentsov.

Shot from the film “Elder Son”

– Early. The times of “Elder Son” and “Dogs in the Manger.” In fact, there are similarities. Eyes nose…

– Teeth!

– Yes. And also sports. Karachentsov in his youth was a member of the Moscow diving team, he was engaged in acrobatics and karate. You, like your hero Max, box, judging by the broken nose.

– Unfortunately, I don’t have time to train so often, but I try. My boxing is limited to independent training with my friend and now an assistant, whom I met in the judo section (the actor also did karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu – Auth.). We take paws, gloves and go out into free space to train, box. There isn’t enough time for a full section, unfortunately. So we hone our skills to the best of our ability. I have a home gym. Makeshift. There’s a dummy I hit every day. So I try to do it whenever I can.

– So that? Honestly.

– Hm. Without her, I feel insecure.

– Yes. Do not take it for a maniac, only from a philistine point of view, bed scenes are always a special charm and zest. Although, it would seem, what did we not see there? How did it happen in your series? All the artists approach explicit scenes in different ways. Svetlana Khodchenkova admitted that it was always hilariously funny, Daria Moroz: that it was sticky and uncomfortable, that it got tangled in the sheets, Victoria Isakova asked the director of Motherland to get everyone off the site.

– In the series, we have a lot of sex scenes, and the team was formed much earlier (“Max and Gus” is a creative continuation, a branch of the project “Zema” – Auth.), So everyone knew and understood each other. Well. Previously they crossed paths and worked. Therefore, there was no discomfort. Thanks to Natasha Bardo (on the project – Max’s girlfriend – Auth.), Who encouraged me, joked and “turned me off” when necessary. We tried to make the explicit scenes as believable as possible, so that everyone could recognize themselves in the hero or heroine and laugh.

– Laugh?

– Yes, I think that if you show sex, then through irony, not vulgarity. So we look for humor in every scene. After all, our story is essentially a relationship documentary. And if sex is ruled out, then it will not be clear how much passion boils in the characters, and sex is still a part of our life and quite a big one.

– And how was it with Nastasya Samburskaya? When the heroine of her, standing at her full height from the bathroom, says “Fuck me!” Was it embarrassing? Or fun.

– Nastya and I know each other from our work in the theater on Malaya Bronnaya. I know her first as a dramatic actress and then as a beauty. So nothing bothered me. Nastya works like clockwork. Uninterrupted. Explicit scenes are often filmed in difficult conditions, so people don’t care about intercourse between a man and a woman, it’s just a production. Everything happens quickly, clearly, hard and without unnecessary emotions. In a word, it’s not as romantic as many people think.

– If you go back to your gut, similar to the character of Max, one gets the impression, at least after reading the latest interviews, that competition and fairness in the world of cinema and TV shows is your pain point. You have repeatedly mentioned thieves who get papers thanks to a well-known last name.

– Certainly. And this is not my personal protest. I speak for thousands of other talented kids who are not given the road and who I have seen myself. In my interviews, I summarize and highlight this problem, painting it in bold colors. To be heard. I do this on purpose and deliberately, because we are in the media space. And yes, I have many things that I want to express to the producers, directors and viewers. I want justice, damn it.

– How should it be? All the talent – for leading professional roles, all the mediocrity – out?

– I believe that the roles should be assigned by the opportunity and desire to play. There are guys who are ready to give all their strength, life, in fact, for the role. And there are guys for whom this is a slow and ordinary process – parents again played the main role. Fine, let’s get to work. I’ll go, I’ll move on. This is how bad movies are made.

– What is it?

– That it is not for sale and nobody is looking. But they took out who they needed. With a great name. But it’s not like that? Everyone has their own place. There is no need to try to make someone who they are not: a star from scratch. We have many talented artists. And we must not turn a blind eye to this vicious system, although many have long been accustomed to it, as if it were the order of things. And the one who rebels and denounces is a jerk, a provincial and an upstart.

So you’re not afraid of the consequences?

– I will say that it will not be easy for everyone who is involved in this system to come across me on the set. Because I came here with an aggressive position: I have goals and objectives. I understand the yardstick, the criteria, I know who I want to work with and who I want to play with. Therefore, I can speak boldly and frankly. But, of course, this is within the framework of the image and protest demonstration.

– So, you do not fight with the “thieves” in the frame?

– Of course not. Everyone has their own path. As a great, great, adult artist told me: “Nikita, it is better to start with lackeys and end with kings than to start with kings and end with lackeys”.

– You have often compared yourself with Martin Eden, the hero of Jack London’s novel, a hardworking guy who boldly broke into the upper layers of the social stratosphere, and then just as quickly became disillusioned with everything. Have you caught yourself in the “achievement slump”?

– Of course, I am the same. London has a lot of men’s stories in general, where guys with sailor training, boxers, get creative and get let down. Similar thoughts occurred to me.

– Because?

– Many really did not believe that it would succeed: “this is not yours”, “not quite there”, “why”. And the appearance is supposedly not cinematic, no one will shoot. And this was said by professionals who have been working in cinema and theater for a long time.

– Hence its “negative”.

– Yes, now I want to ask: “Well, guys, where are you now?” All those who interfered or sentenced me. Classmates who thought he was lucky. That’s luck. Not that he did not sleep at night and studied with honors (the Novosibirsk artist graduated from GITIS with honors in 2018 – Auth.), But he was lucky. While everyone was in the clubs, I worked and now I can ask everyone who laughed at me. Because I’m a good artist, you know what the trick is? This is a profession, you need to study here. And now the natural charisma will not help the “star” on the site if we crash into the frame. Because there we will find ourselves in front of the viewer. Editing, good music and good camera work won’t help my friend! There is a moment of “here and now”. Like in the ring. Bazaar, as you like, but we’ll see on the site.

– Many analogies with boxing.

– Yes, and in my career like that. There’s only Conor McGregor (a hateful Irish wrestler who’s famous for his defiant behavior and loud taunts – Auth.), who say they’ll beat me. And I answer: wait to show off, the time will come, the cage will be closed and we will talk. About the scope, the depth, about whether you can cry without a pencil (tear stick – a menthol pencil that you smear under the eyes to cause tearing – Auth.) And become a star without the help of a platform.

– Does it happen too?

– Of course. More than once I saw how the entire set, all the specialists, literally pulled the artist. Like teachers in an exam. They frantically try to get out of the boy what is not in him. And smaller clothes, to make their arms look bigger and puffier, and they paint their faces to get rid of the hangover, and so on.

– Movie magic!

Yes, but that won’t help. He’ll come out, say a few words, and then I’ll “push” him deeper. Because she prepared and plowed. And she was waiting for this moment. Every time I played an episodic role, I would sit in the actor’s trailer along with other episodic actors and supporting performers, and watch another star being rude…yes, the protest was building up in me more and more. He was preparing a little revenge. And when we meet on an equal footing, horsemen and carts, the dialogue will be more interesting and constructive.

– Well, at least with your daughter Yesenia you are not so belligerent?

– Naturally. She is very happy. She communicates with children, reads, studies. Charming boy. I am very happy to have the opportunity to see and raise my daughter between filming. We do our best to make her a good person. It is important. I am really happy and I will always help in any way that she can.

– Would you like a son? To deliver a punch and… character.

– Definitely. But such a special goal and task is not worth it. Whoever is born, I will love him. That boy is going to teach me a lot. We will have girls, great, guys will appear, with great pleasure. I have always waited and treated with respect the one who will appear with us. Daughter. Glad to hear it!

Where to watch: “Max and Gus”, Wink


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