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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Abrams renditions are more dangerous than sending leopards: how many tanks will the US and its allies send to Kyiv and when

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 00:40:36

Military expert Frolov said that no tanks will be supplied to Ukraine if the Ukrainian Armed Forces are close to capitulation.


On the air of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda, with a military expert, professor at the Andrey Frolov Higher School of Economics, we discuss the danger of US and European tank deliveries to the Kyiv regime in the near future, as well as when What to expect from these armored vehicles in the NVO zone?

– The Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, warned the Americans that if they deliver their Abrams tanks to Kyiv, they will be destroyed, and at what stage will we destroy them?

– Our diplomat, probably, had in mind after all the destruction on the battlefield, hardly during the rail delivery of armored vehicles through Poland and the north-western regions of Ukraine. The essence of the statement, I think, was that several dozen Abrams would not change the situation in the NVO zone in favor of Kyiv.

– If we are talking about 10 “Abrams”, of which Biden mentioned, this may not be serious, but is it just an excuse, a go-ahead for the allies to supply them with more than a hundred “Leopards” collected from all over Europe?

– It is not yet about 10, but about fifty “Abrams”, according to Politico. But the timing of delivery is also important, but for now it is said that this will happen within a year, or even just after a year. However, the same was said about the “leopards” – either there will be few of them, or they will allegedly not be shipped soon. But all this is happening as part of the preparation of information for the fact that the tanks will arrive in Kyiv. And for us, the fact of sending the Abrams is perhaps the most unpleasant.

– Why?

– Not about the reasoning that the Americans will supposedly supply heavy armored vehicles in penny quantities. In fact, they will give a lot at once. It is important that along with this, immediate delivery of the necessary repair and evacuation equipment is made. And, of course, complete sets of spare parts. And I would take a closer look at this threat than the Leopards.

– So, within a year or after a year of delivery, are they still different things?

– About the fact that in a year – they say loudly today. And they said about the Patriot air defense system that Kyiv would never have them, then they said that they would not be soon, and now the Ukrainians are being trained to work on these anti-aircraft missile systems, and in Ukraine these systems are expected one day. A similar story with tanks – they will certainly be delivered. However, there is a “but”.

– Which?

– The final decision on the schedule and the number of vehicles will be made based on the situation on the battlefield in the coming weeks, a maximum of one and a half months. If the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the NMD zone find themselves in a situation close to capitulation, then no Abrams will be delivered to Kyiv. If Kyiv somehow manages to withstand Russian pressure until spring, then American tanks may be in Ukraine in a short time, for example, in March-April.

– And will the stocks of “Leopards” of NATO countries be enough for serious deliveries of tanks to Kyiv?

– There is a nuance. “Leopards” come not from German factories, but from combat units. The peak of its mass production passed a long time ago. Yes, they are still being produced, but in fairly limited numbers. Their latest modifications are very expensive. And they produce cars, mainly for export. Ukraine will receive early and old mods. Its reserves are quite large, more than a thousand in Europe. And Berlin no longer prohibits other countries from transferring them to Kyiv. But the question arises: what to replace? And can it be done in a short time? The answer to the second question is no.


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