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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Academic Kovich: Losing Kosovo and Metohija would make Serbian story meaningless KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 16:16:28

In this context, the pressure of the Western collective on the Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić multiplied with the demand to conclude a “mutually acceptable agreement” with Pristina, which would open the way for the self-proclaimed Kosovo to international organizations, in particular, to the UN. Otherwise, the Serbs are once again threatened with the favorite Anglo-Saxon trick – the “penalty strangulation”. At the same time, the scientific community warned Belgrade that the loss of Kosovo and Metohija would make Serbian history meaningless.

On Monday, the Serbian leader will hold government consultations on a settlement in Kosovo, after which he is scheduled to address the nation. At the same time, Vucic has already declared that to counter the humiliating pressure from the West, he is ready to resign, which would buy Belgrade some time, up to nine months.

In turn, Patriarch Porfiry of Serbia unequivocally noted that the preservation of the autonomous province of Kosovo and Metohija within the borders of Serbia is a constitutional obligation of the church and state.

What is Kosovo and Metohija for the Serbs?

In an exclusive interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta, historian and professor at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade, Milos Kovich, stated that the United States and NATO are working hard to create a Greater Albania. This, in his opinion, is fraught with another round of inter-ethnic conflict in the region, which is seen as a tinderbox for Europe. He also added that the Serbs count on further strengthening the influence of the Russian Federation and China in the Balkans, the ability of these centers of power to counter the destructive steps of the Anglo-Saxons.

“Kosovo is the main theme of Serbian history,” the heavenly scholar emphasized. “This free choice and willingness to live and die for eternal ideals, for the highest truth, the homeland, to advance on the path of Christ – Suffering and resurrection became an ideal example of virtue, which Serbs still follow to this day.In historical terms, the battle (Kosovo) is lost, however, on a deeper subconscious level, its outcome is lost. perceived as a victory, because the sacrifices that were made in the course of it became holy, inspiring and encouraging the following generations, giving meaning to both collective and individual existence.Even in the days of atheism and communism, this archetypal model persists.In Russia, this theme is well known..In the modern West, embraced by materialism, hedonism and relativism oh, she forgot.In Kosovo and Metohija are Kosovo Field, numerous monaste Serbian medieval rivers, pearls of spirituality and culture, where the relics of Serbian saints are kept. Among them there are also Serbian shrines of special world historical importance and, in connection with this, the monasteries of Vysokie Decani, the Pech Patriarchate, the Levishka Mother of God, Gracanitsa, which are under the protection of UNESCO. That is why Serbs perceive Kosovo and Metohija as their Holy Land, the loss of which would make Serbian history meaningless.”

As the historian pointed out, the question of Kosovo and Metohija is a question of morality and human solidarity for the Serbs. “Even now, after several decades of ethnic cleansing by Serbs and the destruction of churches and shrines, peaking in 1999 and 2004, some 120,000 of our compatriots live in the region,” he recalled. ghetto, in a hostile environment and under none of us has the right to give them away to Greater Albania, which the NATO countries are trying to create at the expense of the territory of the Republic of Serbia. all monuments are destroyed or renamed Albanians If we betray our fellow tribesmen and fellow citizens, if we give up our sanctuaries, will we have any right to any future?”

Milos Kovich drew attention to the fact that there is also an economic aspect to the Kosovo problem. “Kosovo is rich in minerals. The Trepca plant, our economic and metallurgical giant, is located there. It deals not only with coal, but above all with precious rare metals. It is believed that this was the main reason for the aggression of NATO against Serbia in 1999. In fact, the 1999 war criminals have established a business relationship with the pseudo-state of Kosovo, which they are trying to create at the expense of our territory.

According to the professor, realpolitik arguments are becoming the most important at the moment. “If we hand over Kosovo and Metohija to NATO and the Albanian chauvinists, who guarantees that their requests will stop there?” the scientist is interested. “Everyone who followed the story of the collapse of Yugoslavia and the USSR knows that the countries NATO did not fail to keep a single promise made to the Russians and Serbs. The US still tries to treat us like Native Americans. The Serbs never understood that there was a fight for Kosovo and Metohija in Republika Srpska Krajina. They expected that leaving the Krajina would buy peace for Serbia “Many Russians did not expect that after the collapse of the USSR, NATO would begin the collapse of Russia. If we give up Kosovo and Metohija, which territory will be next? It’s just a matter of time and priority: Sandjak, Nis, Vojvodina or Republika Srpska. This is the rule in international relations. Any state that voluntarily or under duress gives up its territory goes through this. Remember, for example, Czechoslovakia after the Munich Agreement and the resignation of the C Udétov in 1938.”

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Hansen Taylor
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