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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Actor of the TV series “The King and the Jester” Konstantin Plotnikov: My wife demanded at home that I get out of the image of the Pot

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 10:16:07

This is what the Pot and the Prince look like in the series, where they were played by Konstantin Plotnikov and Vlad Konoplev (right). Photo: Still from the film.


The biography of the King and the Jester is more than cinematic: it is not surprising that a series about the group has been released on the Kinopoisk online platform. Each song of the group is a separate horror story with an unexpected ending. And the history of the group ended in the same way: in 2013, vocalist Mikhail Gorshenev, nicknamed Gorshok, was found dead in his house. he wasn’t even 40 years old…

– I have always had the main hits of “The King and the Jester” in my player, – assures the artist Konstantin Plotnikov, who played Mikhail Gorshenev. The resemblance to the prototype is striking. The same pot smile, the same intonations and facial expressions. Thanks to the creators of the series for not taking on the main roles of the stars. Neither Plotnikov nor Vlad Konoplev (he played second vocalist Andrei “Knyaz” Knyazev) have large-scale film projects behind them yet. So the trace of the previous roles will not distract the audience.

– One of the many features of the Pot is the absence of front teeth, – Kostya laughs. – So I also broke my front tooth at the age of 16! But it was only the first time. Later, already in the theater academy, I played the jester in Twelfth Night. He put on his hair, dyed it white, made such a crazy image. And during this study, I again broke my front tooth with a bottle! So only the bum didn’t tell me how much I look like Pot.

– That is, practically life has prepared for this role?

– Exactly. Therefore, when information about the series appeared, I immediately decided to try my luck. It was necessary to record their samples on video and send them by mail to the creators of the project. So I did. But after that, several months passed and still no response! And then I wrote to the director on social networks. I didn’t ask to be approved for the role. He just said, “Well, how? Have you already chosen Pot? Well, at the same time, he once again sent a link to the video evidence of him. And soon they called me to an internal casting!

– But the most difficult thing was ahead… How did you get used to the image of the Pot?

– When I was approved, I tried to do something as internal: I surrounded myself as much as possible with everything that Pot listened to, watched and read. And, of course, I watched all of his interviews. I got myself a special notebook, where every day I wrote my observations of Mikhail. It was a map by Mikhail Gorshenev. Some nuances, details that helped me become a Pot.

– Did you communicate with your relatives?

– With his younger brother – Alexei. He came to his study, he was very worried. Alexey stared at me, as if he was sizing me up. We talked for an hour and a half. And in the last 10 minutes, when we were already talking, he told me things that later helped me a lot. This refers to the gaze, Michael’s inner experiences.

– The pot is a contradictory figure, to some extent, like Heath Ledger’s Joker. Ledger then it is very difficult to get out of this image. Didn’t you have those problems? Didn’t you fall into the darkness of Gorshenev?

– It’s hard to gauge when you’re inside. But my wife, after filming, said for several more months: “That’s all, Kostya, that’s enough! Please turn off the pot”. And I did not seem to do anything. That is, Gorshenev, at some subconscious level, was already sitting on me. And only recently my wife began to say that the pot is gradually leaving me.

This is how fans know and love them: Mikhail “Gorshok” Gorshenev (left) and Andrey “Knyaz” Knyazev.

Photo: Alexey FOKIN (photo)


The work of the “King and the Jester” is a whole universe of its own inhabited by demons, sorcerers, witches, the walking dead and other charming evil spirits. It would be strange if the filmmakers did not take advantage of such a gold mine. Half of the action takes place in a fantasy world.

– For the band members, it seems to me, there were two worlds: their everyday reality, from which they could not escape, and the songs they lived, – explains Plotnikov. – Music was not a job for the boys, but a life. In the series, this thread is extended to the world of fantasy. This is not a fictional world, but simply the other side of life. In our story, the Prince and the Pot go to save the princess. And then amazing things happen to them. They know the heroes of their songs.

– It was a very big and great adventure. The filming period lasted approximately four months! – Vlad Konoplev admits with burning eyes. – When we first entered the pavilion with a fantastic landscape, we opened our mouths. It really was another world you could live in.

– Aren’t you afraid of disappointing the fans of The King and the Jester? What if the outraged punks decide to beat you up?

“We worked hard, we put a lot of love and effort into it, we value this series,” Konoplev says defiantly. -If someone doesn’t like it, it’s just his opinion. The main thing is that we have done a great job!

Andrey Gorbunov’s personal point of view

tricked jester

I watched the first two episodes of the series. The main thing that disappointed was the image of Mikhail Gorshenev. Despite his brash image, Pot was a deep and intelligent person. And in the new project he is imperceptible. Some kind of Ivanushka the Fool runs from corner to corner creating all sorts of wild things. But that’s half the problem! The writers introduced into the plot (carefully, SPOILERS!) a tempting jester who constantly advises Gorshenev to do something bad. He jumps off the roof or takes another dose of drugs. That is, the creators of the series were too lazy to write a normal hero arc, to trace the development of the character. They stupidly tell the audience: “The boat was a great guy. Only the jester deceived him. Here is the end of the story…

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“Cursed Old House”

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In August of this year, the shooting of a feature film about another punk band, Sektor Gaza, will begin. It will hit screens in 2024.

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