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Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Actor Pavel Ustinov spoke about the feat and the wound in the special operations zone: “The nerves are broken, the numbness of the hand remains”

Date: September 30, 2023 Time: 02:37:57

Actor Pavel Ustinov.

So it was with many: Zakhar Prilepin, Andrei Babitsky and many, many others. Even the imperialist Joseph Brodsky. The liberals rushed to take the prominent cultural figure into their own hands, and then … it turned out that he was generally “from another union.” Roughly the same thing happened with the actor Pavel Ustinov, defendant in the “Moscow case”, to whom the progressive public raised banners during a high-profile criminal trial after the demonstrations.

A little later it turned out that Pavel actually served in the National Guard and has nothing against the state. Also, as soon as the SVO started, he didn’t run from summons, he boldly went to serve. And even he accomplished a feat, as KP.RU already wrote.

And the other day, Ustinov went on the air in Boris Korchevnikov’s Life and Fate program to again talk about his stay in the war zone. He remembered the very heroic deed that he had done without thinking about his own life, and showed his hands after being wounded.

“The gap was here and here,” the artist showed the scarred palm of his hand to Boris Korchevnikov. – Torn nerves, muscle tissue. The ulnar and radial nerves are affected. Now I feel stable, but the numbness in the arm remains, the sensitivity of the palm has decreased. Strength never recovered. Injured in early February. He spent two months in the NWO zone.

Boris Korchevnikov, the artist showed his scarred palm.

Do you remember when you saw the summons in the mailbox?

— It was quite unexpected. Then I arrived at the New Theater (Eduard Boyakov), we rehearsed and premiered a new performance. Of course, anyone will understand the responsibility of receiving a subpoena. He sees and defends the Motherland. What I definitely wanted and did. This is the choice of each person.

Did you have any doubts even for a second?

– No. This is the Homeland. We live here, I love the Homeland. And so he should go and defend, if necessary. Country, relatives, everyone who lives here. Mom accepted my choice. And, of course, everyone was worried: wife, sister, all relatives. We went through this difficult stage together.

Actor Pavel Ustinov recalled the battles in the NVO zone.

Ustinov remembered and how he was noted as an icon of the liberal protest. He was funny to the tall patriot Pavel, who had served in the army.

“In fact, I am not a martyr, I don’t understand why they signed me up there,” the artist is indignant. Everything that happened was an accident. Stupid set of circumstances.

“Many of those who praised you have been disappointed and have now left the country. How do you feel about that?

“It’s definitely everyone’s choice. But you cannot cross borders, you cannot insult the Russian people, the soldiers. You cannot wish for death. It is unacceptable. These people are not citizens of our country.

Was there fear ahead? And what awaits our country?

“It was always terrifying. Everyone who is there is afraid. But you need to slow it down to achieve your goals. This is a lot of work. Not only physical, but also psychological. What awaits us? Victory. Definitely a win. The Russians never give up.


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