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Friday, June 9, 2023
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Actor Valery Nikolaev Was Poured With Boiling Water in the Moscow Police Department

Date: June 9, 2023 Time: 13:43:12

The artist was taken to a psychiatric hospital after the police department issued an emergency order.

It’s always a terrible, but never a tragic, situation when an artist is detained in one of the Moscow police departments. The 56-year-old Valery Nikolaev was detained for administrative offenses and was being held in a cell when he had a conflict with another detainee, 27-year-old Umar V from Tajikistan. What’s more, Mr. Nikolaev had a grudge against a fellow inmate, and during dinner time this visitor poured boiling water on the actor. According to available information, about 40% of the body surface was injured.

After the conflict, the men were divided into different cells and Mr. Valery Nikolaev was one of them. They were detained for a few days until decisions were made about their future when Mr. Valery Nikolaev wrote a statement against the offending offender. There wasn’t any physical contact among detainees during detention and the accused artist began behaving inappropriately after he was released from detention, therefore doctors decided to call in a psychiatric team while they attempted to transport him to a psychiatric hospital where he was taken care of that same night.

In Russia, the hospital that Valery Nikolaev is currently in is one of the best hospitals to treat neurological issues like psychosis.

Valery Nikolaev studied acting at the Oleg Tabakov Theater School in Moscow. After graduating, he immediately got accepted into the troupe of Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov. In addition, he trained abroad in America and Great Britain. He became well-known after playing the lead in a Russian television series called The Bourgeois’s Birthday.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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