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Monday, March 20, 2023
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Actress Nelli Uvarova: “I cry and pray every day”

Date: March 20, 2023 Time: 19:01:45

Actress Nelli Uvarova

Photo: Anatoly MELIKHOV

Nelli Uvarova considers herself a strong and independent woman. She manages to raise two children, go on stage, act in movies and do charity work. The actress herself admits that she is calm with material values, but she is very afraid of the disease.

Nelli Uvarova said she had never been able to save or set aside the fees earned for honest labor. When she agrees to film or work in a stage production, the last thing on her mind is money.

“I am very interested in my profession, therefore, if a job did not find me, I found it. I am ambitious, but my ambitions are not focused only on the result. The result, as a rule, is already the end.” according if I choose the right path”, says the actress.

The artist does not fear the prospect of losing her earnings one day. But thinking about the illness of her loved ones, she goes crazy.

“I consider myself strong. But to be strong is not my desire, but simply a need. I am a person. I suffer. I pray every day. And every morning I believe in a new day. “Nellie is quoted by WomanHit.ru.

She loves her family very much. 11 years ago, the star of the series “Don’t Be Born Beautiful” found her happiness in marriage to actor Alexander Grishin. Together they raise two children: daughter Iya and son Ignatius. “Having children is one of the happiest moments in life,” says the actress.

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