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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Adif tenders the third subphase of the work at the Vicálvaro freight terminal

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 10:28:07

The railway management company Adif has tendered a new subphase of the remodeling of the Madrid-Vicávaro terminal. This subphase is the third of the comprehensive remodeling project for the area, which has been closed for 38.3 million euros and will be carried out in 14 months.

The works corresponding to this phase consist of building an intermodal bundle of four passing tracks for the freight terminal, with headers located to the north and south. A concrete slab for warehouses and regular Intermodal Transport Units (UTI) and three automated gantry cranes (A-RMG), whose supply contract has been closed for 18.9 million euros, will also be possible.

Once the remodeling is completed, the Madrid-Vicálvaro terminal will be able to handle trains of up to 740 meters. In addition, it is expected that up to 150,000 UTIs can pass through the module annually, and that 2,500 TEUs (the load unit of a standard 20-foot container) can be left in storage.

Comprehensive remodeling of the area

The contract includes the development and roads of the new intermodal zone, establishing a circuit for access, loading and unloading of trucks, access controls and parking for heavy and light vehicles.

Vehicle access to the terminal in a provisional first stage will be from the M-214 highway, where a traffic distribution roundabout will be built for this purpose.

With this contract, Adif advances in the comprehensive remodeling of the Madrid-Vicálvaro terminal, a project in which it will invest more than 300 million euros. Adif has informed that the works of the second subphase are currently being carried out and that the actions of the first subphase have already finished.

The entity has also commented that when the first phase of the project is fully completed, the logistics node will have 18 tracks for the treatment of 740-meter trains.

The terminal as a strategic point

The Madrid-Vicálvaro terminal is located at a strategic point on the logistics map of Spain that articulates the merchandise distribution network in the country, serving as a connection between the Mediterranean and Atlantic corridors, which gives it great potential.

The terminal is part of the strategic network of intermodal and logistics terminals that also includes Fuente de San Luis in Valencia, La Llagosta and Can Tunis (Barcelona), Júndiz (Álava), Valladolid, Majarabique (Sevilla) and Plaza (Zaragoza).

Adif has reported that comprehensive remodeling actions will be carried out at these facilities in order to have great capacity and connections to the main road networks and other infrastructures, such as ports and airports.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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