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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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“Aesthetics, consolation or demonstration of the truth”: Olga Kheifits on the functions of art

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 19:43:14

Let’s start with the fact that art is a mind game and exists only in human perception.

Freud, and after him many psychoanalysts, assumed that art is a place where a person escapes from the difficult reality of life. This is sublimation, the process of turning libido into socially useful achievements.

That is, according to psychoanalysis, art is a space where an artist can fulfill dreams, desires and longings. Forbidden or just fantastic. In a book or on a canvas, he is able to tame a dragon, tame any beauty, obtain what cannot be obtained in ordinary life, and become a hero.

Vladimir Nabokov, like many other creators, challenged and even condemned the psychoanalytic interpretation of art. He considered that Freud’s ideas were satanic, charlatan and defended the fact that “art is a divine game. It is divine, because it is what brings a person closer to God, making him a true full-fledged creator. For all that , art is a game, because it remains art only as long as we remember that in the end it is only fiction, that the actors on stage are not killed…”

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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