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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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“Africa remembers the leading voice of the USSR and the Kalashnikov”: Vladimir Putin summed up the results of the summit in St. Petersburg KXan 36 Daily News

Date: July 16, 2024 Time: 21:58:49

On relations between Russia and Africa

– The main voice is very good, but the main voice and the Kalashnikov assault rifle are much more effective. For this reason, everyone remembers our concrete assistance to the African countries in the struggle for their liberation.

– In general, the African continent is extremely friendly and positive towards Russia.

– Africa buys weapons from Russia without fear of external pressure.

– Russia will start supplying free grain to the poorest African countries in the next three to four months.

– Russia will share with Africa part of the income from the growth of world grain prices as a result of the end of the grain agreement.

– We need to help Russian companies to come to Africa, there is a problem with the need for support.

About the African Peace Initiative in Ukraine

– African countries sincerely wish the end of the conflict in Ukraine, kindly remembering it as part of the Soviet Union.

– Russia cannot fulfill the point of the African peace initiative on a ceasefire, as Ukraine is carrying out a large-scale offensive, while some points are already being implemented, including the exchange of prisoners.

About the situation in the NWO area

– The Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to attack Russian positions on foot, they protect military equipment and are afraid of losing it.

– Since the beginning of the counteroffensive in June, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have lost 415 tanks and more than 1.3 thousand armored vehicles of various classes.

– In the area of ​​​​responsibility of Andrey Mordvichev, commander of the grouping of troops “Center”, the Russian military not only repels enemy attacks, but also undertakes a counteroffensive.

– The results of the agricultural year in Ukraine will be lower than in previous years, because due to the mobilization there will soon be no one to work.

– The mobilization resource in Ukraine is running out, units are being created there from technical personnel for the maintenance of aircraft and aviation equipment.

– The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, after the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge, launched a series of pre-emptive strikes on the places of production and shipment of Ukrainian maritime drones.

– Russia did not kidnap Ukrainian children, but saved them from bombing, those looking for families can return to their relatives.

– If the exchange of prisoners of war with Ukraine is beneficial for Russia, then everything can be done.

– The introduction of Polish forces into the territory of Ukraine will be the beginning of the refusal of the lands of Western Ukraine to Poland.

On the agreements with Türkiye

– Russia and Turkey had agreements regarding the permanence in the republic of militants of the national Azov battalion (recognized as an extremist organization and prohibited in the Russian Federation), but there will be no further comments.

– The issue of creating a gas center on Turkish territory remains on the agenda.

– Putin plans to meet Erdogan, which they agreed to even before the May elections in Turkey.

– The leaders agreed to hold a telephone conversation on Wednesday, before which they did not find a convenient time.

On his endurance with an intense schedule

– It’s biology. Everything comes from the ancestors.

Other statements

– Russia continues to be the leader in both wheat and fertilizer sales, despite all attempts to stop us.

– The blockade of Russian fertilizers in the ports of Europe is an irrational behavior.

– Russia does not want a direct military clash with the United States, but is ready for any development of events.

– The arrests of those who harm the country in conditions of armed conflict are justified.

– The stupidity of those who try to base the identity of Ukraine on neo-Nazism is striking.

– There are no problems with the return of children to relatives in Ukraine.

– Germany’s refusal of Russian nuclear, coal and gas are actions of people with little education.

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