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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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After Being Discharged From a Psychiatric Hospital, Valery Nikolaev May Be Declared Incompetent

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 14:34:19

Valery Nikolaev and his family have been going through difficult times recently. The artist of a talented participant in the show “Dancing with the Stars” soon became accused of scandalous behavior. Originally imprisoned for driving without a license, Nikolaev was also found intoxicated on drugs and was sent to an institution for mandatory treatment afterward. His immediate future didn’t look great: either he would be recognized as sane and sent back to prison for 15 days or the doctors would deem him insane; then he could stay in the hospital for a long time without hope for release.

An illegal husband’s wild escapades of a failed experiment that went awry ended up costing a well-established family their livelihoods after he became delusional and patted himself on the back for every glittering new achievement, throwing his credit card and loans in the air as he became more and more shocking.

In such a situation, attorney Andrei Aleshkin sees the only way out.

If your spouse has limited legal capacity due to a mental disorder or injury, you can ask a court to appoint a guardian of the actor who will manage all their assets. It will be possible to organize care for the spouse, who may not understand what’s happening and need help.

Banks now won’t be able to lend money to Nikolaev.

“If you continue to work and earn money, then your wife will pay debts with your money. The actor himself won’t be able to manage finances — all debts will have to be repaid, but Valery Nikolaev won’t be able to issue new loans and aggravate the financial situation of his family.”

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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