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Monday, March 4, 2024
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After the scandal with the “Game” program, TNT and KVN agreed to launch a joint project. The main prize is 10 million rubles.

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 05:31:48

In the summer of 2021, the TNT channel finally tried to bury KVN, essentially creating an alternative comedy league. Almost 100 (!) comedians, mostly former KVN players, gathered there to play for a solid cash prize of 30 million rubles. Of course, this could not please the AmiK company and Alexander Vasilyevich Maslyakov personally (once he was offered to sell KVN on TNT). He took action: There were “a couple of phone calls.”

After the “Game” guys got ready (Denis Dorokhov, dressed as a woman, got carried away with a repulsive and unnatural kiss with a colleague), and the project was stopped. Then, in an interview with TASS, Alexander Maslyakov admitted that he was really very dissatisfied with the fact that his colleagues “plundered” his format. In the “Game” there were riders, miniatures, judges and prizes.

The showdown reached its peak when the “Game” stars had their passes taken away at the Kaveen festival in Sochi. So TNT decided to reformat the project: they removed the competitive component, the cash prize, and renamed it. This is how the Concertos project arose, where the declared teams simply performed on the air. In protest, several all-star teams of comedians left the show at once. It was obvious that the humorous spirit of the project was gradually eroding, despite the fact that there were still some flagships left (“Kamyzyaks”, for example, actively ridiculed a fussy character named Alexander Vasilyevich – who could it be?).

And now a historic event has occurred. The humorous hatchet is buried. TNT and Comedy Club Production (producer of “Game” and “Concerts”) have signed a non-aggression pact and agreed to a collaboration.

“We are very pleased with the start of our joint work,” Maslyakov very kindly commented on the event. – KVN as an organization has always pursued the goal of giving players the opportunity to prove themselves by not only finding friends, but also revealing their talent to the fullest. TNT has been at the forefront of television humor for many years. I am sure that our common project will be of interest not only to KVN players, but also to viewers of different ages and interests!

AMiK reported that “teams from different cities of Russia” would play on TNT, and “star mentors” would help them. In terms of format, it will be something similar to the Ukrainian Laughter League. In 2021, the adaptation of such a project was supposed to be released on STS and also under the production of Maslyakov’s production, but for some reason the idea was curtailed.

Now it turns out that the new director of TNT, Tina Kandelaki, having shown miracles of diplomacy, actually “acquired a license” to continue the “Game” after it was closed, because now Alexander Maslyakov is not against cooperation with the main entertainment channel Gazprom- Media.

“We have long wanted to provide young comedians with a new platform for development, and the new show has every chance of becoming one, because KVN is a unique school of talents, and TNT is a leader in the genre of humor that forms its current. cultural code,” says Kandelaki. – We invite viewers to charge up the spirit of competition and become witnesses of a new era of comedy competition!

It is still unknown who will host the show. But this is definitely not Alexander Maslyakov, because the long-term helmsman of KVN has just returned to the air after a break for health reasons. The premiere project is expected to be directed by the “new face of TNT.”


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