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Saturday, April 1, 2023
HomeLatest NewsAfter two strokes, Roman Kostomarov developed facial swelling and brain necrosis.

After two strokes, Roman Kostomarov developed facial swelling and brain necrosis.

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 16:01:54

Roman Kostomarov is in critical condition

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Details about the state of health of Roman Kostomarov are now one of the main news. It is known that the skater suffered two heart attacks due to sepsis. After that, there were rumors that the Olympic champion had completely stopped seeing his right eye. Apparently, the lens is missing in the eyeball. However this is not entirely true.

Roman Kostomarov is in critical condition on a ventilator, doctors are doing everything possible and impossible to save the athlete’s life. He had swelling on his face. We are talking about the eye, it is constantly washed and medicines are dripping.

“Ophthalmologists observe that there is no strong pressure in the eye. Edema clouds, so there is no need to make predictions. As soon as the edema begins to subside, you will need to observe. And not just a reaction to light, but in the apparatus”, quotes El quinto canal from its source.

Before that, it was learned that Roman had a second stroke due to sepsis. He spent the night in intensive care, where his blood was purified by plasmapheresis. In addition, the skater was diagnosed with secondary meningitis.

Previously, the skater developed the so-called thrombohemorrhagic syndrome, which led to a stroke and neoplasms in the brain. “Roman has sepsis, all blood microcirculation is disrupted, due to which the brain and the whole body slowly die. Roman had a stroke. That is, now an area of ​​​​necrosis has formed in the brain,” Woman.ru quotes. to the doctor.

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